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These stories look are like snapshots at points in my life. They are part of a much larger work I intend to eventually publish
The Body
The man in the water seemed strange to me, but at four I didn't really understand death, I only understood that there was something wrong with the man, and the group of men gathered around him, including my father, only served to make me wonder what it was...

Last Ride
She was drunk, that much was clear, at least I thought it was. It was a busy Friday night driving Taxi so I took my first assessment of her at face value. Another drunk... And it was early too... But she was not drunk, and I had no more pulled back into traffic when I realized that...

The Dam, The Fair and The Trip are three other included true short stories...

Summers in Upstate New York are beautiful. After the hard winters and sub-zero cold the warm temperatures are like Heaven on Earth. The Black river and the railroad tracks bisected the city and any given day would find myself and my friends somewhere along one or the other.

The Dam in Huntingtonville was not much more than a footpath for us to reach the Island in the middle of the Black river. It was never a problem to cross, you might get wet feet but nothing more. And then one day John stopped in the middle of the dam and refused to move. The water rose quickly...

The Fair was the Summer event in Watertown New York. Every kid would be there. There was nothing else to look forward to except the return to school in a very short time. The County Fair was our last fling with Summer and I went fully expecting to have a great time. The time of my life. Instead I very nearly lost my life...

The Trip: The seventies bought a great explosion of everything forbidden: Drugs, Sex, and many other things. This day my friend and I were wondering about drugs and what they might or might not do...

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January 19
W.G. Sweet
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