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During our present, to very near future, alien spacecraft encompass the Earth, leading President Trump to confront the world and acknowledge that the U.S. Government has known about and has concealed a decades-long relationship with alien beings. He informs us that he initiated contact to save our war-torn world and that the world must make a decision. We can either take their help and save the world and humanity as we know it or go on to an ecological worldwide disaster that we will not recover from for our careless governance over our planet’s ecology.
Quickly, the world chooses to join the alien confederation of over 600 civilized worlds called the “Galaxy Of Devine Saved Worlds In The Heavenly Universe.” The Earth is saved and the alien presence is welcomed and flourishes. However, not all are happy with the alien alliance and work to thwart this coalition at all turns.
In the middle are two stoners, Jason and Bill, whose family thrives in this relationship, selling marijuana to a small population of aliens on the mother ship. All seems great, but before our world can become an enlightened savior of the galaxy, we must go through several birth pains spoke of in the Bible. As our worlds begin to coalesce and collide, we see an alternate agenda than the heaven on Earth we hoped for. Together Bill and his new hot alien girlfriend grow together, while they observe the world tear itself apart. So, if you hear Trump's war drums be prepared to believe in aliens, the devil and or God because you will thoroughly enjoy this end of days book as President Trump takes the reigns of the beast and the bible is played out.to the end.
Copyright 2017.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 25
W.H. Carusso
Smashwords, Inc.

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