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Trust building that lasts and lasts has to go beyond just good character and good morals. To have the type of trust that removes all inhibitions and second-guessing from your relationship you have to reach the level of comfort with your partner that allows you to turn up fully for your relationship.

You can absolutely have the trust in your relationship that makes you want to turn up fully, give fully and completely and know that your partner has your back, no matter what. You can build trust with absolute confidence and comfort.
Here is some of what you will learn from this book:
•Why in an intimate relationship you cannot just base your trust on character, morals, reputation, or even actions.
•Why the way we have been taught to build trust in an intimate relationship sets us up for disappointments.
•Why you have to approach trust building in an intimate relationship differently from other relationships.
•How to really build or rebuild trust in an intimate relationship.
•Why comfort in an intimate relationship is so much more important than just trust.
•How to know when it is okay to trust or trust again.
•Why you absolutely cannot be in fear of trusting too much in an intimate relationship.
•The importance of having trust in yourself.
•Why you must differentiate between the types of trust violations.
•The one thing you must do if you are the victim of sexual infidelity and the one thing you cannot allow your partner to do.
•One woman’s unconventional approach to dealing with cheating in her relationship.
•Why we tend to rush to trust in an intimate relationship and why we should not.
•Why you absolutely must see cheating for what it is and not accept rationalizations.
•Why conversational tone is so important in rebuilding trust.
•Why you should not be too quick to forgive someone who has violated your trust.
And much more.
Drawing on the strategies she has used to transform her own marriage, the author shares personal stories, anecdotes, and reveals unconventional strategies you can employ to deal with your own trust issues, develop the right mindset to build lasting trust, resolve and prevent trust issues in the future.

June 21
Peta Jane Kayes
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