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What would happen if you admitted you weren't a good person?

It's a seemingly crazy question. From priests to prisoners, nearly everyone thinks they're morally better than average. Why change our minds? Why admit the truth about ourselves?

In his conversational, fun-to-read, and delightfully self-effacing style, Brant Hansen shows us why we should fight our drive to be self-righteous: it's breathtakingly freeing. What's more, just admitting that we're profoundly biased toward ourselves and want desperately to preserve our "rightness" at all costs even helps us think better, make better decisions, be better listeners, and improve our relationships with God and others.

Hansen draws from biblical insight and the work of everyone from esteemed social psychologists to comedians to make his point: the sooner we get over ourselves, give up the "I'm good" internal dialogue, and admit the truth, the sooner we can live a more lighthearted, fruitful, fun-loving life.

This book is about the freedom of childlike humility. After all, as Hansen writes, the humble life is truly your best one.

Religion & Spirituality
April 21
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Customer Reviews

Skinnylinny155 ,

Very insightful

Mr. Hansen makes some excellent points about who we really are using the Bible, humor and lots of other personal experiences and other authors. It’s a fun, convicting and sobering reminder of our lack of humility and our need for self to be elevated, respected and honored. I have thoroughly enjoyed this read and have made some decisions about letting go of my self and trusting in God to just love me and forgive me. Thank you, Brant, for your insights and solutions!!!!

ludwiglyle ,

Such a helpful read...

All of Brant Hansen’s books have been such a help to me. This one was just like the other two that I’ve read in that regard. Such permission to live humbly. Most every page brought some form of relief to my instinct to excel, my desire to dominate, my thirst to win. For me, it was a book about giving permission to enter and remain in the realm of humble honesty about who I am.

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