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“Intense. Sexy. Chemistry off the charts.” –New York Times bestselling author, Kelly Elliott.

Dominic King is a man with secrets, mob affiliations, and a life unsuited for love. But what starts a one-night stand with a gorgeous bombshell named Drew feels like it should become his forever.


I’m ruthless, powerful, and unforgiving.

The kind of man that kills without remorse.

But the moment I see her, I want her. No matter the consequence.

It was supposed to be one night. No more.

That’s what I told myself. It’s what we agreed.

Then Drew walked away.

It felt like she’d ripped my heart from my chest. One I didn’t even know existed until she’d made it beat. I warned her not to walk away—that I’d never forgive her.

She wouldn’t listen.

She should’ve known better.

If Drew wants my forgiveness. She’ll have to earn it. I will own her body and soul. Consume her until she begs. Because every King needs his queen.

And Drew Matthews is mine.

USA Today Bestselling author, Trilina Pucci, brings you and hot, fast-paced mafia romance with an instant connection between two flawed, stubborn people that fight like hell to ignore their fate.

October 30
Trilina Pucci Books LLC

Customer Reviews

romancereader77 ,


Liked the book. Just wished there was a little more story(what plot there was was good) and a little less sex. The amount of sex scenes in this book took away from the plot.

G000girl ,


Meeting the guy strong enough to love you as you. Drew Matthews meets Dominic King the same night she decides to leave her boyfriend Nick Taylor. Nick has been jealous of how successful Drew is, and continually used domination as punishments for any small conflict.

Drew I has lost her confidence and needs time to get it back. So when King asks her to leave Chicago with him, she walks away.

cgloverstitch ,

My honest opinion

I love this book and just finished it in one sitting I stayed up till 2 in the morning to finish this book and omg its so good but i feel it better for and audience of teens since that what i am.But I love the story line and everything and all the drama and regret that happens in this book

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