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Book #2 of the bestselling Consequences series: 

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes the thrilling sequel in the Consequences series: Truth, a game of deception, intrigue, and conspiracy where losing can be deadly.

Claire survived the consequences.

Through strength and compartmentalization, Claire Nichols captivated her captor. Though Anthony Rawlings thought he taught Claire to behave, his domination became desire, and his obsession morphed into love. Or was it? When her choices pushed Anthony’s relentless vendetta too far, Claire barely survived the consequences. 

Discover the truth.

Now, armed with new information and more questions than answers, Claire works to uncover the truth behind the dangerous game at play. As she begins anew, she must decide whom she can truly trust, especially with a new set of players on the move.

New set of rules.

With everything to lose and a manipulative game master controlling the board, Claire and Tony duel by a new set of rules. When thrust together once again, can they learn to trust each other to overcome new dangers? Or will this be Tony’s second attempt at domination? Can Claire resist the man she’d never before been able to resist? Hatred and love. Deception and truth. Old habits and new beginnings. As this real-life game of chess plays out, past sins will come to light and new secrets will be revealed. With so much riding on each move, the stakes have never been higher.

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The trick is to discover them. – Gallolao 

Mysteries & Thrillers
October 30
Romig Works LLC
Romig Works LLC

Customer Reviews

Sunny and Bald ,


While the continuation of the storyline doesn’t disappoint, Truth is written SO much better than Consequences. The rambling and unnecessary details have been minimized and the dialog continues to increase making it harder to put the book down. I am so glad I stuck with it and am eager to continue the series!

FoZwinkinSho ,

Poor writing but great story

I truly had to overlook the authors writing in this book. Proper tense is not maintained, words and phrases are overused, grammar is poor, and punctuation is poor.

HOWEVER, the story was bloody amazing. You can never quite tell what's going to happen next. The plot continually twists and thickens and keeps you guessing, as well as keeps you reading in order to gain full understanding. The climax is great, and you'll never see the ending coming until you're there.

I'll admit it takes a while in the beginning to really pick up, but once the ball is rolling, you can't make it stop.

The character development is outstanding! I was very pleased.

Definitely give the book a read, if you can get past the poor writing mechanics.

Bread maker ,

Very disappointing

Loved her first book but this one is so far off the mark of being believable i stopped reading it. Main Character needs to have more substance.

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