TS901: Dominion

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Risen from their literal hole in the ground, Thia, Lance, and her 'Maly' brethren have escaped The Hive and now face a full-on war. Welcoming the distraction from her abysmal love life, Thia throws herself into training the troops and claiming Nary bases. 

Grateful to be of service again, Evan focuses on maneuvering their forces while fighting to break the icy bonds of betrayal still clutching Thia's heart. 

After a startling vision by his mother, Lance learns that Gigi is alive and trapped within The Hill. Now, he will stop and nothing to save his favorite icy blonde. 

Stuck deep in enemy territory, Giselle DuBeau isn't waiting for anyone to rescue her. Following her growing abilities, she becomes a force far beyond what her friends knew her to be. Yet, when a threat greater than anything the team has faced arises, Gigi is left to wonder exactly who has Command Control.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 23
Anchor Group Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Brittanys Babbles ,


Gah!! I love this series! I wish it could be written faster and I could devour all of the words. It reminds me of some other series that took the world by storm and I didn't read until they were becoming movies. I almost wish I didn't know about this series until it was that big because I want all the books now!

The story bounces back and forth to view different characters POV and things going on. While normally I want this to be clearly pointed out and the name of the character listed, but it never bothered me here. It flowed so smoothly and I never had to guess who I was reading.

I also devoured this book in a day and I haven't done that to many books since earlier in the year!

I can't wait to see more of this series and what Rourke and Thawer have coming for us!

carriem35 ,

Another great book by two fantastic authors

This is the second book of TS901 Chronicles, again Tish Thawer and Stacey Rourke have written another masterpiece. The last book we were introduced to the Spectacular Six, the group of Malies (abnormal) and their lone Nary (ordinary); Thia, GiGi, Eugene, Evan, Jules, and Lance. This group must mobilize again if they are going to save GiGi from an impending death, that Mama has seen.

Just like first, this book is absolutely a work of art. It is quite easy to read this book in a few hours, not only because of great characters development, but also the fluidity of storyline. You can not go wrong with this book.

On My Kindle ,

Fast-paced with diverse characters!

If you're looking for a science fiction book in a dystopian setting with a couple of female protagonists who can kick some butt, then you don't want to miss out on TS901: Dominion! The plot was action-packed and full of twists and turns as the uprising Thia started has grown to epic proportions. Once a leader of a small band of 'Malies ("Abnormals"), Thia is now a general in what is swiftly evolving into an all-out war between 'Malies and Naries (ordinary humans). I liked how the authors conveyed Thia's insecurities about her abilities as a leader while demonstrating that, despite those insecurities, she is a stellar leader.

As much as I enjoyed the tension-filled and exciting plot, I connected more with the characters and the revolution in its predecessor, TS901: Anamoly. The camaraderie and tolerance of the characters' unique foibles demonstrated in the previous book were replaced by what felt like backstabby in-fighting. I know it's not realistic for everybody to get along all the time but, combined with the tension between Evan and Thia, I felt it was overkill. If Thia were a real person, I would have dragged her off to the side (preferably by her hair) and told her to stop acting like a sniveling little toad and take a big dose of "Get over it."

In the previous book, Gigi came across as arrogant, overbearing, and flighty; however, in this book, we start seeing her true colors and find out there's more to Gigi than meets the eye. I think it's a shame that the authors didn't take full advantage of the opportunity to allow readers to connect with Gigi in this book the same way that they connected with Thia in the previous book.

Criticism aside, the premise and setting are incredibly compelling. The twists and action keep the plot moving forward at a good pace, and the protagonists the plot focuses on have diverse personalities and abilities. I think the fast-paced action and diverse characters will appeal to the older "young adult" crowd and younger "new adult" readers. I am excited to see what Rourke and Thawer have in store for the war that's brewing between the 'Malies and the 'Naries, and I'm looking forward to reading the third book in the TS901 Chronicles.

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