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The classic novel about a young girl who stumbles upon a family's stunning secret

What if you could live forever?

Is eternal life a blessing or a curse? That is what young Winnie Foster must decide when she discovers a spring on her family’s property whose waters grant immortality. Members of the Tuck family, having drunk from the spring, tell Winnie of their experiences watching life go by and never growing older.

But then Winnie must decide whether or not to keep the Tucks’ secret—and whether or not to join them on their never-ending journey.

Praise for Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt:

“A fearsome and beautifully written book that can't be put down or forgotten.” —The New York Times

“Exciting and excellently written.” —The New York Times Book Review

“With its serious intentions and light touch the story is, like the Tucks, timeless.” —Chicago Sun-Times

“Probably the best work of our best children's novelist.” —Harper's

“Natalie Babbitt's great skill is spinning fantasy with the lilt and sense of timeless wisdom of the old fairy tales. . . . It lingers on, haunting your waking hours, making you ponder.” —The Boston Globe

“This book is as shapely, crisp, sweet, and tangy as a summer-ripe pear.” —Entertainment Weekly

Young Adult
September 17
Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
Grades 5-9

Customer Reviews

3oh!3roxz ,

It was good

It was really good but I hated the ending so much!!! I think it should have ended with her marrying Jesse I got so mad when it didn't end that way.ugh I still hate it I'm sooo mad

Frezeke1234 ,


This is my fav book in the world I had to read it for school. In also love the movie!!!!!!

Supergummy333 ,

Love it

I love this book so much and I hate the people that think they can just tell the ending!!!! So screw you world ,and thank you author for writing this book I love it and in school my teacher helped us actually see what the pond men't as it means the circle of life and the stream is time and the boat is the tucks and the tree is the spring and when Tuck and Winnie were in the boat they got stuck on the fallen tree log, that represented the tucks getting stuck in life forever and never getting old all because of the spring and that moment when tuck was talking to Winnie that was one of the most important seen of the book. Thanks bye!

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