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She was hired to protect him … but she'd love to do a whole lot more.

As a famous rock star is stalked by an unseen menace, his assistant attempts to set up a safe zone around him. Meanwhile, he persuades her to make him happy in other ways.
Amadeus Tudor is rock star royalty—at a pinnacle of fame seen once in a lifetime. He’s the front man for Tudor Rose, one of the top selling, best-loved rock bands of all time. He's also part of a musical dynasty with two famous brothers. His fans adore him, his business associates love him, women want him.

So who on earth would want to kill him?

Zara Middleton, former manager and publicist to Tudor Rose, is back, this time as Amadeus’ personal assistant. But as unsettling things begin to happen, she realizes someone is out to harm Amadeus. Can she trust anyone on his management team, or the dozens of other people always around him? What about the ex-band members who keep turning up?

What about his own family?

As Tudor's new tour gets under way, the fans aren't the only ones ready to rock—this close to Amadeus again, Zara is besieged with long-ignored feelings and emotions toward her rock god client. Before she can catch her breath, Amadeus takes charge, making it clear he wants her at his side and in his bed. And she longs to do more with his body than protect it. Passion explodes between the two, only growing hotter as the tour goes on.

Can Zara keep Amadeus safe and be his lover … or will she have to choose?

March 21
Jamie Salisbury
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