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Winner of the 2019 Courage in Fiction Award from Independent Publishers of New England

IT’S OCTOBER 2015. Meet Mahmoud al Ramadi, 23, a bitter displaced Iraqi who unexpectedly becomes a terrorist. Fresh from battling ISIS in Syria, he’s sent to float to Greece as a refugee. There, in gritty Piraeus, he adopts terrorism or more precisely, terrorists adopt him. The ambitious operation his new comrades are plotting will, he’s informed, decimate the power elite and inspire revolution around the globe. Having vowed payback for war crimes that orphaned him, the devout Mahmoud accepts the mission as his jihad. His thousand-mile odyssey from war-torn Mosul to strife-ridden Athens and part way back tests his metal, his wits, and his abiding faith. 

You’ll find memorable characters, tense action, straight and gay romance, ideological and other altercations, and ingenious improvisations in both the real and virtual worlds in this gripping, one-of-a-kind thriller. How you’ll feel about their rogue operation and its d’nouement depends on who you are and what you stand for, but it could be complicated. All that Mahmoud experiences edits his articles of faith and just might edit some of yours.

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A trenchant observer of current events, social movements, abuses of technology, and the deceits of elites, creative writer and columnist Geoffrey Dutton became a novelist after witnessing politicians and pundits reacting to hordes of hapless refugees streaming into Europe with fear and loathing. Their callous calls to bar and cage innocent victims of Western interventions was the last straw for him. "All right, then," he vowed," “ll give you an 'Islamic extremist' who you say hates democracy and wants to destroy your way of life and make you weep for him." Thus was born this timely, cinema-verit inside-out page-turner that transports you into a conspiracy of ‘evildoers’ and makes you root for them.

Learn more about Turkey Shoot at https://perfidy.press. Find more of Geoff’s writings at https://counterpunch.org and https://progressivepilgrim.review.

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September 12
Perfidy Press
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Customer Reviews

Goddess of Liberation ,

At last, a novel that honestly shows how radicals see their world

In its own odd way, this book addresses the quetion of what makes people turn to terrorism. Despite its weird digressions into cooking and entertaining, the story line succeeds in revealing motivations of its would-be terrorists and how they could spring from their life experiences. The characters are utterly convincing and their dynamics inevitably lead to the book's unlikely ending. Even if there were other, equally enthralling, books like it (which I have yet to locate) I would still give it four stars. Do you know of books that are anything like this one?