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On the verge of bleeding out and hunted by his merciless torturers, Talon has no choice but to seek sanctuary at Underworld, a nightclub run by a jaguar shifter liable to kill him on sight for being a tiger shifter male. What he finds in the old warehouse isn’t the grim shadow of Death though but an angel of mercy, one who offers him salvation and revenge—one who happens to be his fated mate.

Tending bar at Underworld is never dull when you’re a mortal surrounded by immortals, but when a gorgeous tiger shifter covered in blood stumbles into the club, and sets fire to her boss’s temper, Sherry’s entire world is in danger of being turned on its head. Something about the mysterious warrior has her stepping in to save him, something that ignites her heart and stirs her soul, and no matter how fiercely she fights it, she can’t hold herself back.

When Talon reveals the name of his captors, and his plan to head back in to save his friends, will Sherry be brave enough to embrace the feelings he stirs in her and step deeper into the world of immortals? And will Talon be strong enough to resist the lure of Sherry to protect his family’s secret or will he risk everything to claim his eternal mate?

Grab your copy today and step into a passionate, lush, and powerful paranormal romance series packed with dark elves, vampires, demons, fae, shifters and angels from New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Paranormal Romance Author Felicity Heaton.

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July 1
Felicity Heaton
Felicity Heaton

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Kristie Koste ,

A paranormal romance with bite, Felicity Heaton brings plenty of action, intrigue, passion, & heart

Turned by a Tiger
By: Felicity Heaton

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 Star Review by Kristie K

A paranormal romance with bite, Felicity Heaton brings plenty of action, intrigue, passion, and heart in this installment of the Eternal Mates Series…

As a tiger shifter, Talon holds a strong connection to family…and a deep seated need for his one true mate. His fated one. Captured on a mission for his brother, Talon is held and tortured with experiments for months. After a particularly brutal session, a sacrifice makes escape possible, and Talon runs from his captors. Broken, weak, and bleeding, Talon heads to the one place he can seek refuge…Underworld. A nightclub owned by, and catering to, immortals, Talon prays the owner will have mercy on him and not kill him on sight. What he doesn’t expect, is the gorgeous, brave, strong, and gentle bartender…that happens to be mortal. The connection is immediate, and his desire for her borders on obsession. Realization sets in that this woman can never be his, and he becomes determined to keep his distance. When the woman steps in on his behalf and offers him the sanctuary he desperately needs…keeping his distance becomes impossible.

Sherry is familiar with the paranormal…her boss and self-proclaimed protector is a jaguar shifter. So, when an unfamiliar, but captivating and brutalized shifter stumbles in the door of the nightclub she works at, Sherry is surprised but not shocked. What does shock her, though, is the immediate and uncontrollable pull she feels toward the wounded man. Compelled to protect him, despite any risks to herself, Sherry puts herself between her boss and the wounded shifter and offers him sanctuary in her home. As secrets come to light, and the truth of the captors is revealed, no one is safe. Not even humans. As her feelings for Talon grow, her determination to help increases. She will stop at nothing to stop the monsters committing these atrocities, and heal her wounded tiger.

Turned by the Tiger is the twelfth installment of the Eternal Mates Series, and focuses on tiger shifter Talon and his fated mate, Sherry. Let’s start at the beginning…the cover of Turned by the Tiger is absolutely stunning. Not just the gorgeous and incredibly sexy male that graces it, but the detail of subtle tiger stripes on his skin, and the background and shading. Absolutely stunning. The blurb gives a taste of what is nestled between the pages of this action packed novel, and holds enough hook to pull you in deeper. The story between the pages is full of danger and adventure, mystery and intrigue. The plot and storyline hold true to the series, but take you farther into the dark depths of the depraved minds behind the disappearances and experimentation of immortals. With plenty of action and twists and turns, the story is captivating and sensual. The deep connection between the characters, their mates, and their families was breathtaking. I did find that I hoped for a bit more of the family history and background to Talon and Sherry’s stories. As well as a little more time for development of their relationship. More detail, more everything. But, that might just be me being selfish! The character development was on point, and each one held a piece of my heart. They had so much heart, so much courage and strength. Ms. Heaton is an incredibly talented artist, who’s medium isn't paint or canvas, but words.

Kristie K


Love this series

I have to begin with I truly love this series. I will like the book or love it. This a love. I was much impressed with this addition to the line of characters. This family of tiger shifters are very interesting. They have their secrets but they are truly devoted to their family pride. They feel deeply and will protect all they care about. In this story you meet Talon a warrior who has suffered much and has affected him deeply. Then you meet Sherry a women who has been threw a lot in her life and left her wounded. Their connection is swift but deep. You get to hear more about Archangel and hints at a deeper story. Definitely a great romance unfolds but so does the underlying currents of the overall story arc. Definitely a must read and these are the characters that you come back for more. Definitely a series for paranormal romance fans who want romance, adventure and a connecting storyline that definitely promises more surprises coming.

RomanceNovelGiveaways ,

I LOVE Felicity's books!!!

I LOVE Felicity's books!!!

Didn't even read the synopsis for this one; I saw who wrote it and knew I HAD to read it! And I couldn't put it down!!!

What I love most about Felicity's books, this one absolutely included, is the amount of detail and the action she writes! No glossing over stuff in this book. As usual, I felt like I was actually IN the story. I could imagine looking around me and seeing Sherry's apartment and the Archangel facility and the moonlit beach of the final scene.

This is the second book I've read in this series, and the underlying story continues to play out. While I don't feel that I had to read the previous books in order to understand this one, I'm sure as heck going to double-back and catch up, because I met a whole lotta characters in this book that I would LOVE to learn more about!!!

This book reinforced that I can absolutely rely on Felicity to write an intense, action-packed, smoking-hot edge-of-my-seat romance every single time!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)

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