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Henina tends to irritate people.  She can't help it — she's bad at shutting her mouth.  So when a prophecy is made that someone will stop the war, she figures she's the worst possible choice.

Too bad.

The Fates have their sights set on her, and it will take all her cleverness and quite a lot of offending the king to foist the prophecy off on somebody else instead.

But she can do it.  After all, there are a lot of potentials to choose from.

Young Adult
April 25
Emily Martha Sorensen
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Kanyonmk ,

Five Star - Twenty-Four Potential Children of Prophecy Review

The Twenty-Four Potential Children of Prophecy is a fun read that children and adults will enjoy alike. With its witty, humorous, and troublesome main character, Henina, you will find all her quirkiness endearing and outrageously funny.

With this being the first in a new series, we follow the antics of our teen, Henina, as she starts her story learning about a prophecy that one girl bearing a star mark on her hand will end the fifty year war and rule the kingdom with wisdom and grace. Henina knows that she has neither wisdom nor grace (just a terrible habit of never being able to shut her mouth) and tries to outwit the fates to get rid of this obnoxious notion of her being a potential candidate to the prophecy. We learn that while fate offers a prophecy so readily, finding the girl who will be the one will be more difficult than first thought. Henina ends up being one of twenty-four girls who are forced to stay at the castle and learn strategy to win the war. Offending every important and non-important person she meets and doing as she may please, Henina learns that outsmarting fate is not so easily done. With the help of some of the other potential children of prophecy she tries to form a plan to end the war and make someone else the true leader.

If you’re looking for a quick read and love clean young adult books, you won’t go wrong with this book. The story is set in a historical setting and the writing is engaging throughout. Never a dull moment with Henina around! I’ll be awaiting the next installment!

Final Rating: 5 Stars!

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