Twin Flame Chaser Bliss

Finding Inner Healing and Peace

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I was not very comfortable with facing myself; there were parts of myself that I thought were unlovable. I was more comfortable with hiding from my true self than confront my darkness. I knew though that for me to find happiness, I had to first embrace myself. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Self-love is a journey that you take within yourself -- you stare into the darkest parts of your soul. You have to become your best friend. You have to accept Solitude and you have to thrive in your little corner of the world without caring about outside validation.

I also argue that Self-love is simple but very challenging to embrace. There is something about giving yourself that quality time that you deserve that makes any human feel selfish. I believe that society trains us to always give and in the process, we lose ourselves; we forget that we all deserve as much care and love as much as we give to others.

So, for me to accept myself, I had to first dig deeper within me to face my pain. I indeed had a neglected inner child. I realized that I felt isolated from the world mostly because I had not taken time to understand myself in the world of many. This is also because I had never embraced my inner child before.

I learned that all my abandonment issues were a reflection of my abandoned inner child. It also explained why I struggled with making lasting relationships even though so many people seemed to be connected to me.

Self-love is not about physical beauty. It is rather a process of building yourself from the core of your being with truth, authenticity, and integrity. You have to first figure out what makes you be you -- this is when you also learn to create and set healthy boundaries.

You begin to honor your preferences; You make meaningful choices and you also are responsible for the outcomes.
You stand and stay grounded in your power. You learn to embrace the simplicity of human nature and you also gain a new appreciation of yourself and those around you.

When you overcome your inner obstacles; when you fully accept and embrace self-love, the magic starts happening in your life.
You begin to unlock your blessings because you feel the impetus to achieve your wildest dreams.

You start beaming with unconditional love which overflows in everything that you do.

Self-love is indeed a Blessing!

June 10
Fairy Publications
Nakajubi Kawalya

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