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When you submit to healing and Surrender, you realize that you can be happy and joyful without needing the affirmation from your Twin Flame that you are loved. Self-love is indeed a magical weapon to use when fighting the battle within the self — The Twin Flame journey.

You will always miss your Twin Flame. You will think of him or her all the time. You will sometimes wish that you never met a Twin Flame because it physically hurts missing them. You feel like you are missing a limb. You cannot disconnect or sever the bond because your love originates from the soul.

There is a way around feeling the stress of physical separation. Your Twin Flame will not come back if the timing is not right. There is nothing that you can do to make your Twin Flame physically present themselves. Chasing is always fruitless.
For you to become the authentic natural version of yourself, you must feel stable, secure, and complete psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

You both must be the authentic versions of yourselves to be in union with each other because, in essence, you are your Twin Flame. You must complete and complement each other in every aspect of your lives.

If you feel separated from your Twin Flame in any way, it is because you still have blockages within yourself that are hindering you from feeling the energetic harmony and oneness.

The work that you need to do is to move the blockages within yourself.
The work that you need to do depends on the kind of blockages that you inhibit within yourself.

To simply put it, the work that you need to do seeks you.

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April 21
Silvia Moon
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