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When your Twin Flame physically blocks you out of their life, you get an anxiety attack because your mind does not immediately grasp the sudden change of events.

Sometimes there is no particular reason as to why a Twin Flame runs. Everything happens so quickly. This is the reason why you go through Soul shock.

You almost crack your head open searching for answers to put the happenings of the event into perspective. You wonder why the person you love the most is running away from you without a legitimate reason to justify his or her behaviours.

I was the runner initially before I turned into a serial chaser. I blocked him first. I was scared of confronting my feelings for him. The life circumstances in which we met complicated the relationship further. I was very overwhelmed. I thought that blocking him would put my fears at bay. The situation only escalated for the worst.
I panicked.

I thought that blocking him was a bad idea after all. The fear of losing him forced me to chase him in return. I could send to him endless text messages without a response. Nonetheless, I continued to text him, call him, and stalk his social media.

I felt guilty for ruining our relationship. I was overwhelmed by the intense love feelings. Even though I was in a relationship with someone else when I met my Twin Flame, I could still feel his presence with me all the time. 

Thinking of a Twin Flame is incessant; you always feel his or her presence with you whether you wish it or not.
The only way to go through every phase of the Twin Flame journey is by actively accepting to experience every emotion. You open your heart fully to embrace how you feel. You unconditionally accept the nature of your Twin Flame experiences.

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January 18
Fairy Publications
Nakajubi Kawalya

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