Merging into Oneness

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This is the most blissful phase of the Twin Flame journey: It is also very empowering psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

By the time you get to the harmony phase, you have already been through the turbulent phases as well. The turbulent phase is when you feel the highest of the intense emotional chaos — you feel like you are going through an emotional crisis.

Deep down, you are looking for inner peace and harmony; you know that you want to feel harmony again whether you are with your Twin Flame or not. These feelings of extreme exhaustion push you to seek Surrender — you let go of trying to be in control of your Twin Flame process.

Surrendering does not mean that you automatically find inner peace. When you start letting go, you feel empowered to face parts of yourself and your life situation that do not work for you. You Accept to embrace your Twin Flame situation with an open heart because now you understand that there is no going back to your life.

You accept that the Twin Flame encounter will forever change your life and there is no way around your new life situation. You have to accept that you cannot hide from your Twin Flame situation; there is no detour.
The only way to succeed on the Twin Flame journey is by accepting to open your heart to go through the experience without any judgments or doubts.

Opening your heart to the Twin Flame journey is also accepting to embrace every step of the journey even when the going gets tough.
The harmony phase is when you have managed to overcome your inner obstacles — inner pain, healing your wounded child, and overcoming fear.

When you successfully go through the intense energetic cleansing phase, you also feel a weight lifted. Your energy becomes very vibrant and colorful.

When you reach the harmony phase, you realize that all is at bay — it is the calm after the storm!

This moment gives you ample time to revisit your healing and Awakening journey. You look back on the events as you trace your progress back to the beginning of your Bubble love phase. This is also the realization phase.

By the way, when you reach the harmony phase, you are not automatically initiated into a Union or Reunion.

This phase is also an opportunity to start preparing for your reunion if you desire one — Since you are not running or chasing, you come to a halt; you feel calm and rested to make clear decisions for your future.

In this phase, some Twin Flames have confessed to me that he or she feels like the feeling that they felt earlier for the Twin Flame start fading — it is not fading but rather you manage to balance your energy within that you do not feel the intensity of the connection like before.

Some Twin Flames also confess that the need to obsessively be with your Twin Flame subsides because you feel in charge of your energy.

You start to unlock your blessings; you appreciate your Twin Flame gifts.

Enjoy this inspiring book.

June 8
Fairy Publications
Nakajubi Kawalya

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