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***Ein dunkler, erotischer Roman***

Entführt und auf eine einsame Insel verschleppt.

Ich hätte niemals gedacht, dass mir so etwas passiert. Ich hätte mir niemals vorstellen können, dass eine zufällige Begegnung kurz vor meinem achtzehnten Geburtstag mein Leben völlig umkrempeln würde.

Jetzt gehöre ich ihm. Julian. Dem Mann, der genauso rücksichtslos wie gutaussehend ist – dem Mann, dessen Berührungen mich brennen lassen. Ein Mann, dessen Zärtlichkeit ich verstörender finde, als seine Grausamkeit.

Mein Entführer ist ein Rätsel für mich. Ich weiß nicht, wer er ist, oder warum er mich verschleppt hat. In ihm ist eine Dunkelheit – eine Dunkelheit, die mir genauso Angst macht, wie sie mich anzieht.

Mein Name ist Nora Leston und das ist meine Geschichte.

March 24
Mozaika LLC
Mozaika LLC

Customer Reviews

Annmric8 ,

There are much better choices than this one

Twist me
Captive in the dark is a better written series than this one. I would not waste your time reading this one when there are better choices available.

Julian kidnaps Nora because she went out with jake and kissed him. Julian says he is protecting her from the world. He lives on an island. Nora is going to make him believe that she is falling in love with him so he will let her go.
The author gives you a different type of fear for Nora. Nora is not being punished, yet Julian does hurt Nora but in a Sexual way that increases his and her pleasure. He mixes the pleasure with the pain. Julian is trying to teach Nora the ways in which he enjoys being pleased. He is molding her to his liking. Of course don't all men want this from women? Men want complete control over women's bodies and shout out commands making their bodies respond upon his commands. When he says shh, she becomes quiet, when he says come she comes. He provides pleasure as a means of rewarding her for getting her body to respond to his liking. He is not concerned with how she feels emotionally. He is only obsessed with her body and what he can do to it.

Why is it always the woman's body that has to be tortured. Breast clamps, blindfolds, dildos, spankings, whips, hand cuffs, butt plugs, the list is endless. If a man had to experience any one of those objects he might reconsider using them. All men base there theory on is how wet she becomes while using one of the many devices. Each night he pushes her with new objects and fetishes. What are his limitations?

I am not finding any connection with these characters. Something is either missing in the writing style or it's the story line.
It's puzzling the way Nora responds to Julian and puzzling why Julian chose Nora. The fact that she is only eighteen and he is twenty-nine is weird.

I'm so tired of the phrases referencing Nora to be quiet and be a good girl and accept her punishment.

How ironic for Julian to find a girl like Nora who enjoys all the torture devices and spankings. Maybe because Nora has never experienced a sexual relationship before that Julian can teach her innocent mind of this as an acceptable means because she has nothing to compare it to. Maybe to Nora this is the normal way people respond to sex. It's only physical there is no emotion behind it, so I'm having a hard time relating because women usually don't enjoy sex unless they are emotionally attached. I'm not feeling that Julian and Nora have any type of connection. Nora craves human Contact because she is lonely and the only human contact Julian provides is sex.

Here Nora thought she was not broken or hollow ,yet Julian is an unpredictable lover and likes sex with both pleasure and pain. Julian is trying to break her down to suit his needs ignoring any needs Nora might have. Of course men think because women achieve an orgasm that their needs were met.

I think men in general enjoy making women fall apart and then mend them and then comfort them. It gives them control. Julian is not letting Nora be his equal partner she is only his possession. Nora is a object in which Julian can manipulate anyway he chooses until he fills the voids in his own life. Julian is selfish by kidnapping Nora from her life and making her believe he is protecting her from an evil world. Since his childhood was stollen from him he chooses to do the same with Nora's adolescence. Julian is robbing Nora a life of her own choosing because he thinks he knows what is best for her. While I'm sure the sex is great there is more to life than being available for ones sexual needs. Julian gets to live his life and then enjoy his sexual fetishes with no complaints from Nora. How is this world he has created for Nora any better than the one she might have chosen for herself? While Julian thinks he protects her from physical harm he is realizing the emotional harm he is causing by teaching Nora to be so reliant upon Julian. Nora is becoming obsessed with Julian and will not know how to survive without him. She is becoming dependent upon him.

I do not feel sorry for Julian because what he is doing to Nora is no different than what was done to him. Julian is robbing Nora of her life and choosing the path for her, taking all control from her and making all decisions for her. He has even controlled her emotions towards him having her believe she wants and needs him.

Julian is Always thinking about his intentions and where they may lead.

You can't feel sorry for Julian because he did nothing differently from what his family did other change what he was selling. He continued to live in the dangerous world and instead of thinking he was protecting Nora from it he brought it to her doorstep.

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