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Nikki Davis is having a terrible time. Her three sons are in trouble in school and her husband is divorcing her while a nasty coworker steals her best commissions at work. Is it any wonder she's thinking of offing herself? But when she steps into the foaming surf of Clearwater Beach, she feels something hard under her foot. A stone that looks like a shiny purple M&M is just lying there so Nikki picks it up...
And finds herself in a whole new life on a completely different planet.

Malik is a Volt Kindred, the only survivor of his home planet, Uriel Two. When the Knower, the Artificial Intelligence tasked with taking care of his world, took it over and killed all the humanoid inhabitants, he was off-planet. But he has a plan--a special tool from the Goddess herself to restore his world. The only trouble is, he has to get back to Uriel Two first and the only person brave enough to deal with the Knower is the evil Mistress Hellenix of Yonnie Six. Malik allowed himself to be bought by her and has been her slave for ten long years but now, for some reason she has changed completely...

Nikki doesn't know what to think--how did she go from her miserable life in Tampa to a fantastic palace with a huge Kindred bodyslave who is calling her Mistress Hellenix? And how can she ever get back home again? She must pretend to be the woman whose life she has taken over by accident but how long can she keep up the charade? And what will Malik do when he finds out the truth--that his real Mistress is millions of light years away and her double knows absolutely nothing about life on Yonnie Six? How will he save his home world now that reality has become...Twisted?

April 27
Evangeline Anderson
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R. Manor ,

Twisted - Kindred Brides #23

Twisted : Brides of the Kindred 23 - Evangeline Anderson

Kindred #23 is a fantastic story that includes old worlds (Yonnie 6, Mothership, and new worlds with amazing new characters. I love that the heroine is a little older (thank goodness) with children, a cheating stealing horrid soon to be ex husband, and a Volt Kindred (yes they carry electricity) who is one of the last of his kind.

There are several “Twists “ in the series, the first being when Nikki, the heroine, has lost all hope and is contemplating drowning herself when she finds a special stone in the ocean that exchanges her with her doppelgänger on Yonnie 6. This matriarchal horrible culture treats males as less than human slaves and many use pain and cruelty to control their slaves.

Nikki meets Malik the Mistresses main slave, who gets her thru impersonating her doppelgänger so that she is not caught (could mean death), until she is able to return to earth. Part of the E’lo stone exchange is she and mistress must uphold each other’s lives although that’s as also open to some loose interpretation they had to use creatively.

Malik must use Nikki to go back to his planet Uriel 2 which has been taken over by an AI, so that he can try to reverse time and save his people.
Nikki who is meek, modest and often a victim of lifes’ circumstances has to brave up and learn to overcome many of her weaknesses. She also has to accept a hunky Kindred finding her desirable and beautiful despite being plus size single mom who is in her late 30’s. Nikki must not only learns to love herself but embrace her sexuality and ability to be cherished.

I found it quite interesting (another twist) that despite the horrible despicable ways the Yonnie Mistress treats people and her slaves, some of her assertiveness, self confidence and ability to manage people are traits that Nikki desperately needs so the life exchange with the Yonniite is surprisingly not all negative .

Besides the twists and turns the storyline takes, emotions run full range in this exciting, suspenseful, emotional book (including the author’s unique writing of sensual erotic scenes and romantic love). It is also laced with humor and a surprising HEA, with introductions of characters that we will hopefully seeing soon in future stories (Dark). A totally original, unique, wonderfully creative, well written full length novel,awesome addition to the Kindred Bride series.

Mr JmonJmon1 ,

Get Wisked Away !

New installments in the Kindred Series never fail to entertain and this book is no exception. From the first look at the beautifully done cover Art to the well written story that unfolds before your eyes; this book is an excellent read. Travel to yet another world with the characters and laugh & cry at their adventures. Romance that sizzles, adventure that draws you in and pages that turn effortlessly. I’d recommend this book to anyone over
18 years of age.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Racy Carr ,


WOW!!! Thanks a lot Evangeline Anderson you made me cry at work. So my advice would be do not read this at work. It has parts that will make you laugh, cry, squirm over the heated steamy parts, and it even has parts that will make you angry on some of the character’s behalf. This to me is a sign of a great story. When an author can reach way down deep in your soul and stir all kinds of emotions. It truly is a book that you can not put down.

I found the twist that the author took on this story very interesting. The way Nikki Davis found her way on Yonnie Six was very interesting. I think Nikki needed that break away and I believe that Goddess knew what she was doing when she had her hands in seeing Nikki got that break.

I have to say in the past books when Malik the Volt Kindred was brought in the story I have been wanting to know more about him. I found him very interesting. He had that dark mystery about him that made him sexy.

Reading this I did not only have a great respect for Nikki but for Malik as well. Malik was so willing to sacrifice so much to right a wrong. But through this he also found a strength in Nikki that helped him with this decision and I feel not only did Malik make a great sacrifice but so did Nikki.

I truly loved this story and look forward to more books coming out in this series.

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