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Twisted Broad: Tales from an Internet Dive Bar is light-hearted fun look at sex topics from a mature point of view.  This book contains many of the lewd, funny, touching, sexy, useful conversations happening every day at the popular blog, Twisted Broad where comedian and writer Nicole Jackson Jones entertains adults of all ages with her frank and refreshing opinions on taboo topics.   She is one of the few female bloggers out there that has a mostly male audience.  However now more and more women are joining in the fun too. 

Ms. Jones receives dozens of e-mails daily from Twisted Broad fans and critics alike looking for a soapbox, a comrade in arms, absolution, or just good old fashioned advice from a no-nonsense woman over 40 who cares enough to tell the truth and offers comfort in the form of not taking life so seriously.  This book compiles the best of the best from her blog, including two inaugural posts about penis size and vagina size that went viral almost immediately and now boast over 8 million hits between them on her YouTube channel. Due to her rising popularity, numerous production companies including 5x5 Media and Pilgrim Studios have approached Ms. Jones to produce an adult themed television show.  She currently is working with Maker Studios to bring this to fruition.    

In the book, Ms. Jones weaves the Twisted Broad blog conversations around her own fascinating life story, which enriches her message with poignant detail.  

Like a blunt, sex savvy drill sergeant who has no time for a lot of complaining, Ms. Jones reveals the liberating truth about her misunderstood demographic. 40-something divorced women are not cowering under a blanket of shame and loneliness as mainstream media might suggest, but rather they are buoyed by their successful divorces, egged on by the possibility of better relationships, and are ready to not only speak their minds with authority, they are now finding better ways to improve their sex lives and are eager to share what they’ve learned for those interested. No wonder men of all ages have responded in spades to the Twisted Broad message, furthering the conversation about life and sex to include multiple perspectives.

April 22

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Garry with 2 rs ,

Tough love with a sense of humor

Funny, sexy, open and honest. Twisted Broad is the 21st century's answer to Dear Abby. If you are a fan of her YouTube videos and Facebook page, you will love her book.