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Identical twinsthe idea alone stirs unique thoughts of something special because identical twins are exceptional in this complicated world of ours. Originally designated to be one person, the original cell splits and separate into two, but identical human beings are the result. Twins are identical in appearance but not necessarily matching in their minds, hearts, and souls. Certainly, nature versus nurture comes into play, but really, deep down, how alike are they?

Although the initial setting for this story is in the mountains of upstate New York, Ligotti takes you to Washington, DC, and Houston, Texas, and then returns you to where it all started, a horse farm in the Catskill Mountains.

This story begins four years after Incredible Deception ends, and life has been good for the only remaining twin and his family. On a cold day in March, Brock gets an unexpected visit from the FBI and the CIA. This moment is the first plot pointwhen Brocks incredible deception twists upon itself and forces him to return to the past life he once lived as his brother, Blake. Through multiple adventures, the courage of Brock and his wife is tested, and the saga finally ends in a spellbinding and dramatic conclusion when Brock is driven into a trial and must prove the impossible.

The reader will wonder, as does our protagonist, if he will ever return with his wife to his home and the good life he had enjoyed. The odds are against our hero, and you as the reader will realize he cannot disregard the truth and still win. The story will keep you guessing and wondering until the very last chapter. Twisted Deception, the sequel to Incredible Deception, is a must-read for those who love a love story and for all readers of suspense thrillers.

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 13
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