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Twisted Together is the 8th Book of USA Today Bestselling author, W.J. May's, bestselling series, The Chronicles of Kerrigan.

Put a big bird in a small cage, it will sing you a song... Patrick Watson

Rae Kerrigan has been branded a traitor.

Arrested with no idea why, Rae suddenly finds herself on the wrong side of the Privy Council and possibly for good. She's branded a traitor, just like her father.

Forced to trust in someone she doesn't know, she finds herself more confused than ever. Gabriel is cocky, brash, distractingly handsome and apparently working for the Privy Council under Carter.

Forced to prove her innocence, Rae will stop at nothing and risk everything.

Twisted Together is the 8th book in the Chronicles of Kerrigan series.

Follow Rae Kerrigan as she learns about the tattoo on her back that gives her supernatural powers, as she learns of her father's evil intentions and as she tries to figure out how coming of age, falling love and high-packed action fighting isn't as easy as the comic books make it look.


Series Order:

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February 12
Dark Shadow Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Kevin Odinson ,


It just keeps getting better

Meowcie ,


Captivating story that kept me intrigued the entire book. Can't wait for the next. Just when you think there is a break, another twist happens and the next adventure awaits.

Gma&ggmaof5 ,

False info

These books are pretty good. Well written for the most part. However, I dislike the false impression that the books are longer than reality. The first book was completely a disappointment since almost half of the book was about other books. I realize a short book can be written faster and the story can be told in shorter bits at a time. The price is good for the length of books. Just don’t try to make it seem we are getting more story only to be disappointed when the end of the book happens long before we get to the end of the book. I must say the author does not fill up the book with needless chapters of inappropriate sexual content for the age suggestions for these books. However I still believe it is wrong to give our kids the idea that sex is okay at age 16 and it works out okay. That is a wrong message and kids should understand that it can become a burden to give in at an early age. The books could stand on their own without the sex.

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