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New York Times Bestselling Dark Romance Series. 

#1 iBooks Bestseller

“After battling through hell, I brought my esclave back from the brink of ruin. I sacrificed everything—my heart, my mind, my very desires to bring her back to life. And for a while, I thought it broke me, that I’d never be the same. But slowly the beast is growing bolder, and it’s finally time to show Tess how beautiful the dark can be.” 

Q gave everything to bring Tess back. In return, he expects nothing less. Tess may have leashed and tamed him, but he’s still a monster inside. 

After surviving the darkness, a new dawn has begun. Twisted Together wades through black to grey, chasing the light of true love to banish the shadows forever. 

June 3
Pepper Winters
pepper winters

Customer Reviews

boom17boom ,

Love it!!!

I love this series. Tess and Q are just perfect with all the imperfections against them.

CandyinNaples ,

Great series!!!!

Love Q and Tess!! Very unique series. Love all of Pepper's books!

Melody Hall ,

Twisted Together (MitD Vol 3) -- Pepper Winters

Theme song: "Monster" by Imagine Dragons

From the ashes rises a phoenix, or two in this case. After Tess's capture, Q continues to heal her. Their connection deepens and their lives are finally seeming to calm. She's not completely back to herself, but she's finding strength in accepting her past and moving forward despite the scars. Now, it's Q's turn. Faced with demons from his underground dealings that threaten to expose the humanitarian in him to the world, all of his former clients are out for blood. But he can't do it alone even though everything in him wants Tess to stay out of danger. This is where we really see both characters, particularly Tess, strengthen in all aspects. She's stronger than ever and everything's she's been through has led up to proving herself as Q's equal. Twisted Together spotlights the mental fortitude of the characters and their love for each other. How far would you go to save the one you love?

As always, Pepper continues to amaze me with her debut series! The pacing is steady, the scenes gritty, and, as always, sinfully sensual. They're complex, they're steadying their feet, and diving head first together. It isn't physical strength that will see them through, not their wit nor words; it is a game of the mind, and to survive, they must keep hold of one another.

Hero rating: 5 stars
Heroine rating: 5 stars

Writing mechanics (literary elements/devices usage included): 5 stars
Plot rating: 4.5 stars
Dialogue rating: 5 stars
Storytelling rating: 5 stars
Story ending rating: 5

Sexual tension rating: 5 stars
Sex scenes rating: 5
Sex scenes frequency: 5 stars (not good nor bad, just occurrence rating)
Overall rating: 5 stars
Would I recommend this series: Yes.
Would I re-read this series: Yes.
Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

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