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"When it comes to YA suspense, Karen M. McManus is in a league of her own. Fresh off her best-selling breakout One of Us Is Lying . . . the author has returned with a juicy second novel. It's even better than what came before." --EW

The "must-read YA thriller" (Bustle) from #1 New York Times bestselling author of One of Us Is Lying!

Echo Ridge is small-town America. Ellery's never been there, but she's heard all about it. Her aunt went missing there at age seventeen. And only five years ago, a homecoming queen put the town on the map when she was killed. Now Ellery has to move there to live with a grandmother she barely knows.

The town is picture-perfect, but it's hiding secrets. And before school even begins for Ellery, someone has declared open season on homecoming, promising to make it as dangerous as it was five years ago. Then, almost as if to prove it, another girl goes missing.

Ellery knows all about secrets. Her mother has them; her grandmother does too. And the longer she's in Echo Ridge, the clearer it becomes that everyone there is hiding something. The thing is, secrets are dangerous--and most people aren't good at keeping them. Which is why in Echo Ridge, it's safest to keep your secrets to yourself.


Praise for Karen M. McManus's One of Us Is Lying
A New York Times Bestseller
An EW.com Best YA Book of the Year
A Buzzfeed Best YA Book of the Year
A Popcrush Best Young Adult Book of the Year

"Pretty Little Liars meets The Breakfast Club....so make room for One of Us Is Lying in your bags, because this is one carry-on you won't want to put down." --EW.com

"A whodunit with a Breakfast Club twist...following four unique voices on a chase to find the killer, this one will keep you guessing until the very, very end." --Popcrush

"This is no ordinary whodunit...surprising and relevant."--USA Today

Young Adult
January 8
Random House Children's Books
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

iliketoread25 ,

Worth It!

I’d ordered this book, not knowing whether I’d like it or not. At first, I thought it would be about some 'basic’ girl who just has to deal with a mystery. But no. I’d read One of us Is Lying about three months ago, and I loved it. But I loved this more! The plot twist was unpredictable, but fit in well! The only thing I found unnecessary was Ellery’s and Ezra’s half sibling(s). It did go with Sadies personality quite well though. The friendships and romances didn’t feel rushed at all and weren’t a distraction from the plot. I loved each and every character and once I got to the near end, I couldn’t stop reading! This is by far one of the most awesome books I’ve read!

(Spoiler down below)

- Update: I also really appreciate that the author put in some sort of teaching, mainly for Ellery. She was too determined and thought she could solve a mystery as big as that, rather than the policemen. So, when she realized that she could trust the cops to do their job at the end, it let her know she could count on them and that she also didn’t have to worry as much about future problems.

Hsyeatts ,

Plot HOLE!!!!

How can Officer Rodriguez be Ellery and Ezras dad if he is and quote, “We’re, like, five years younger than you.”

I can’t get passed this plot hole! What in the world!!!

jmurraemoore ,


I was really disappointed in the way this book ended. I absolutely love One of Us is Lying and there were plot holes and loose ends that weren’t tied up; in fact I specifically remember when the police were talking to Malcolm at the end, the author left details out because the police couldn’t disclose information? Idk, I just really expected something more.

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