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I need a fresh start. 

After another failed relationship, I'm feeling the need to get away. I found a better job in my old college town and thought it sounded like the perfect way to me start anew. But in trying to escape my past, it seems I've actually ran back to it... 

I had no idea my ex, Lauren, actually worked at the place I had just been hired. Had I known, I probably wouldn't have moved back here. Not only was she the only woman I've ever truly loved, I had never gotten over her. Now I had to see her every day and know that there is no chance anything can happen between us because she is engaged... to a man, no less! 

And she has no idea how deeply I still love her.

Marriage isn't a choice for me.

When you're with someone for years, when you've built a life with them, you marry them. It's just what you do. I'm marrying my fiance because he's been there for me through thick and thin. He's a good man. Our love might not be the most passionate, but that doesn't mean we don't have a good foundation for a relationship. 

Some people would call what I'm doing settling but I don't think it is. Sometimes there aren't fireworks in a relationship, sometimes love is calmer than that. I mean, yes, I've had passionate love before... Back in college, when I was with Sara. But that relationship was long dead. 

Which is completely my fault.

This is a standalone lesbian romance novel with HEA ending!

Fiction & Literature
July 25
Edie Bryant
Draft2Digital, LLC

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