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Wells Lemiere knew the moment he saw Matty Haverbrooke, he had to have him. Matty was quiet, he was talented, he was beautiful, and Wells couldn’t stay away.


As the youngest and most talented son of the NHL Commissioner, Matty had found the burden of family expectations almost too heavy to carry on even his broad shoulders. He had no intention of getting involved in a relationship with Wells. But the heart he’d given up for dead had other ideas.


Their affair was intense and overwhelming, but when Matty couldn’t bring himself to come out and admit he wanted a public future with the man he loved, Wells had no choice but to honor his vow to live openly…and leave Matty behind.


But then he learns Wells is marrying another, and Matty knows he can't let that happen. Can he throw down his gloves and embrace his future with both hands? Or will he pull the door to his closet shut once more?

Fiction & Literature
November 13
Toni Aleo Books LLC
Toni Aleo

Customer Reviews

Judy Hartley ,

Great read!

This is Toni Aleo's first M/M book and she scores a winning goal! This is such a well done m/m that anyone who has not dipped into the M/M genre yet and wants to, should definitely start here!
We have met Matty and Wells already, but if you haven't read that book yet your good! You can read this as a standalone.
Matty Haverbrooke and Wells Limiere are in love. These hockey players have found "the one" in each other. But when one part of the couple doesn't want the world and his family to know who he really is and can't acknowledge the love of his life to them, it's a problem. So much so that it breaks these two apart for a while. How do you come back from that? How do you trust after all the mistrust? How do you find the strength to finally be who you really are? Find out how Matty and Wells reconnect in this sweet, emotional and just wonderful book about true love conquering all.

Futurist Babe ,

Well written romance novel

I loved this book! This is the first book that made me pauze while reading, because it got way heavier than I expected, with the actual payment of the $6 million dollars! Although the gesture speaks of unconditional love, a few slaps in Maddy’s face would’ve done the job way better! 😀
But that did not diminish the brilliance of the book; the love between the two men was the constant theme of the story. I can’t wait to read the next one coming out of Toni’s pen . Thanks!

thebrowns24 ,

Two-Man Advantage

Toni did it again! She did amazing telling Wells and Marty’s story. Very tastefully written. Can not wait for the next in the series.

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