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Identical sisters, identical broken hearts

Ariana thought she could never trust men again…

“I met Sanjay my freshman year, and got sucked in by his English accent. What followed was eighteen months of fabulous sex, epic parties at Sanjay’s fraternity house, and giving my heart and soul to this one guy.  And the whole time, the whole damn time, he was seeing another girl. Not just seeing her, he was engaged to her!”

Anne thought she could never trust herself again…

“Ariana says I’m a 22-year-old virgin because I’m afraid. And it’s true, of course. My freshman year in college, I had a boyfriend who was two years older. He said he was ‘being patient with me’ because we hadn’t had sex yet, and then things ended…badly.”

But Owen has other plans for Anne…

“Why don’t you sit here on my lap, Anne?” She did, but her cheeks were burning when she told me about a couple who made out in the back of her history class. ‘I kind of envy people who are that spontaneous, don’t you? I’d like to make out with you right now.’ I kissed her, and she kissed me back. It felt so good, like every kiss before this one prepared me for this one”

And Javier’s plan is getting blown to bits!

“Ariana is Jack’s sister, and therefore kryptonite. You can never have a casual relationship with your sister’s boyfriend’s sister, plus Ariana seems like a really nice person, two reasons she could never be on my usual hit-‘em-and-quit-‘em list. Still, I found myself strategizing about how to impress her on Tuesday night. Oh, hell, yeah, I’m in trouble.”

Are the sisters ready for graduation and real love?

Or will past lovers and hidden lives get in the way?

December 20
Kara Keen, LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

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