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James Radley cannot put his finger on why he does not want Leah Shepherd to marry his best friend. She is kind, sweet and a true beauty. Any man should want to marry her.

And therein lies the problem.

Like a bolt out of the blue, James finds himself headlong in love with his best friend's fiancée. He promises himself that if he can just get through the wedding service, everything will fine.

But as his carriage draws up outside St Georges, Hanover Square on the morning of the wedding, he is greeted by the sight of the bride racing down the front steps of the church.

Leah begs him to help her escape both the wedding and London and in an instant of madness, he readily agrees.

Leah Shepherd is certain that James does not like her, but as he is the only man willing to help, she has no choice but to trust him.

Taking refuge with him at her grandfather's far-flung estate in Cornwall, Leah eventually comes to see James in a new light.

When love blossoms between them, Leah and James begin to question everything in their lives. Decisions are made and acted upon.

But actions have consequences, as they soon discover when they return to London.

For James, there are the harsh repercussions of not only abandoning his life's calling but also stealing his best friend's bride, while Leah finds herself scorned by her family and friends.

James and Leah are left to wonder whether that by choosing their love over duty, they have both made a terrible mistake.

In a moment of crisis when their marriage seems forever lost, James will have to reach beyond the passion of love and find the strength to forgive his wife.

But will it be enough to save their marriage and their future?

A second chance at love romance.

Two of a Kind. A standalone book in the ongoing Duke of Strathmore Series.

September 18
Sasha Cottman
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

oo4chelle ,


I had pre-ordered this book and after having read most of it, I can’t remember why I was excited to read it.

I skipped over several pages at a time, hoping to finally get to a non-boring part. I understand that the “stage” had to be set, but the real story didn’t start until well over one hundred pages in and then it took another two hundred pages to tell the events of a short period of time.

None of the characters were very memorable and sitting here right now, just having finished the book, I can’t recall any of the characters except Guy, the villain.

It is disappointing to wait months to read a book only to have it turn out to be not worth the wait.

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