Two Roads Diverged

A Second Chance for the Republican Party, the Conservative Movement, the Nation— and Ourselves

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No stranger to second chances, former governor and congressman Mark Sanford admits to twice having a “dead man walking,” politically. First in 2009, when an extramarital affair went public and lost him his marriage and the South Carolina governorship, and then again in 2018 when his criticism of Donald Trump resulted in the loss of his seat in Congress. In this revealing and brutally honest memoir and political analysis, Sanford first tells the story of his two very different falls and how the hard lessons he learned from the first led him to inevitably choosing the second by maintaining his integrity and opposing Trump. In TWO ROADS DIVERGED Sanford analyzes the immense harm he believes Trump's presidency of lies, cronyism, shady dealings, and bullying caused to our country, and especially to the Republican party. Within four years, the GOP was synonymous with fake news, extreme divisiveness, and brazen lies. Rather than becoming great again, the party had degenerated into a personality cult centered around Donald Trump.But Sanford strongly believes that the Republican party has a choice at its current crossroads. TWO ROADS DIVERGED is also a serious examination of what what fellow conservatives can do to help calm today's political waters and build a better future for both the party and the country. As he was, the GOP has been given a second chance...if those in the party are wise enough to recognize it, and brave enough to take it.

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August 24
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