Two Years in the Klondike and Alaskan Gold Fields 1896-1898 Two Years in the Klondike and Alaskan Gold Fields 1896-1898

Two Years in the Klondike and Alaskan Gold Fields 1896-1898

A Thrilling Narrative of Life in the Gold Mines and Camps

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Publisher Description

“A thrilling narrative of personal experiences and adventures in the wonderful gold regions of Alaska and the Klondike, with observations of travel and exploration along the Yukon. Portraying the dangers, hardships, and privations of a gold-seeker's life; with a faithful description of life and scenes in gold mines and camps. Including full and authentic information of the countries described, their underground treasures, how to find them, etc.” 

This classic first-hand account contains the following chapters: 

I. My Boyhood and Early Life—What Led Me to Adopt the Life of a Gold-seeker—Why My Eyes Were Turned Towards Alaska 

II. Ho For Alaska!—Extent of Our Great Territory— Getting Ready For the Start—Our Outfit and What It Consisted Of 

III. Choosing a Route—Our Voyage Along the Coast-arrival at Dyea—First Experience With Natives 

IV. Life on the Trail—Strange Sights and Scenes—Storm Bound in Sheep Camp—a Woman’s Adventures and Experiences 

V. The Dreaded Chilkoot Pass—How We Crossed It—Sliding Down the Mountains at Lightning Speed—“There Comes a Woman” 

VI. Camp Life in Alaska—We Build a Boat to Continue Our Journey— Adventures With Bears 

VII. A Dangerous Voyage—Overturning of Our Boat—Loss of an $800 Outfit—We Escape With Our Lives—Hunting For a Camp Thief 

VIII. Some Thrilling Experiences—Discovery of the Thief—His Summary Punishment—Pictures by the Way 

IX. Life on a Yukon Post—Our First Glimpse of the Klondike—How Miners Administer Justice in Alaska—The Plague of Mosquitoes 

X. Arrival at Circle City—Dance Halls and Other Places of Amusement—The Yukon Sled—Alaskan Dogs and their Peculiarities 

XI. Guarding Against Evil-Doers—Life in a Gold-Seeker’s Cabin—How It Is Built and Furnished 

XII. Work and Wages in Alaska—Agricultural Possibilities in the Icy North—Cost of Living 

XIII. We Reach the Gold Diggings—Locating a Claim—How Gold Is Mined—The Miner’s Pan, Rocker, and Sluice Boxes 

XIV. My Voyage Down the Mighty Yukon—Incidents and Experiences During the Trip—In the Shadow of the Arctic Circle 

XV. Still Journeying Along the Dreary River—Sights and Scenes on the Way—Habits and Peculiarities of the Indians 

XVI. Arrival at Forty Mile—Wonderful Stories of New Diggings—Ho! For the Klondike!—Mad Rush of Excited Gold-Seekers 

XVII. My First Tramp in the Klondike Gold Fields—What a Place For Gold!—A Peep into the Sluice Boxes—I Stake a Claim 

XVIII. the Discovery of Eldorado—The Founding of Dawson—Confusion and Queer Complications Over Claims—“Three inch White” 

XIX. Richness of the Klondike Gold Fields—The Great Winter Exodus From Circle City—First Results From Testing Pans—Miners Wild With Excitement 

XX. Winter in the Klondike—Camp Life and Work—A Miner’s Domestic Duties—Christmas in a Gold-Seeker’s Camp 

XXI. Alaskan Weather—On the Verge of Starvation—How We Pulled Through—Dangers of Winter Traveling—Painful Experiences 

XXII. Preparing For Sluicing—The Spring “Clean-Up”— Astonishing Results When Dirt Was Washed Out—Some Lucky Strikes—The Romance of Fortune 

XXIII. Stories of Great Hardships and Scanty Rewards—A Romance of the Klondike—Claim Jumpers—An Old Slave’s Lucky Strike 

XXIV. Incidents of the Trail—Death and Burial of a Baby—A Woman’s Thrilling Experiences 

XXV. The Opportunities For Money-Making in Alaska—The Costly Experience of Two Tenderfeet—Appalling Price of a Supper—A Horse Missing With $49,000 in Gold 

XXVI. Dawson and ItsIniquities—Gambling Places, Their Devices and Their Ways—Night Scenes in the Dance Halls—Real Life in New Mining Camps 

XXVII. A Refuge For Criminals—The Mines More Profitable Than Sporting Devices—Pursuing a Fugitive—A Chase of 25,000 Miles For an Escaped Murderer 

XXVIII. Women in the Klondike—Some Romantic Stories—Experience of a Woman on the Trail—How Women Have Made Fortunes 

... and 12 more chapters.

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