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There are people in YOUR life right now camouflaged around you who have no conscience. They are undercover sociopaths who rarely do anything illegal, but who take great secret pleasure in hurting or inconveniencing you.

The Type 1 Sociopath in Your life could be:

• The person bullying you in your family, at work or at school
• Your lover who slips little white lies and whom you suspect is cheating on you
• Your friend or co-worker who steals your ideas or gossips behind your back
• The church leader who breaks personal boundaries and uses religion as a weapon
• Your friend or family member who comes around only when they need something
• Your boss or teacher who seems to love belittling you

P. A. Speers has compelling insight on why “nice guys” (and gals) finish last and how they can finish first. After Speers experienced a tsunami of users, manipulators, and dangerous individuals, she discovered what therapists failed to inform her: There are people camouflaged in society who have no conscience.

“People need to know the traits of a sociopath, especially parents. Parents invest their time and money into their children, but if they do not inform them of the traits of a sociopath, their children may be derailed by falling in love with one or by having sociopathic teachers, friends and/or bosses destroy them emotionally, financially, or physically. Type 1 Sociopaths are all around us, and yet, we are not informed about the traits of these undercover predators. It is a common assumption that sociopaths are the women beaters, thieves, child molesters, and rapists we see on TV. However, sociopaths can be the difficult people in our lives. We need to know this information in order to navigate safely to healthier relationships and therefore, healthier lives,” states Speers.

• Are you a kind, compassionate person who likes to see everyone around you happy?
• Are you a giver?
• Do you place the needs of others before your needs?
• Do you find yourself in relationships filled with codependency?
• Are you a caregiver who always finds yourself caregiving for others?
• Are you a Jesus follower or do you practice any religion that teaches forgiveness and kindness?
• Do you sometimes feel guilty for having to say no when you cannot do something for someone?
• Are you a team player?

If so, You are a playground for sociopaths.

By reading this book, you will discover:
• What most psychologists won’t tell you
• What most Christians and other religions do not know and should
• How to protect yourself and your children from Sociopaths
• How to recognize traits of a Type 1 Sociopath
• How to free yourself from the Type 1 Sociopaths in your life
• How to prevent partnering up with a Type 1 Sociopath
• How to prevent and cure Doormatitis
• What most How to Deal with Difficult People Seminars
• And so much more!

Learn to Identify the Type 1 Sociopaths in Your Life.

Personal Note from the Author: Dear Reader, as strange as this may seem, I feel deeply that I was divinely guided to create Type 1 Sociopath for the gentle, loving souls of this world who love deeply and forgive often. Because I have friends of all faiths and many of who are of the new age/thought movement, I wrote this book to ponder the subject of sociopathy from some of these various viewpoints, and I encourage you to take what resonates with you and leave the rest. I encourage you to dissect this subject from books and recordings from the viewpoints of the victims, mental health professionals, and sociopaths and come to your own conclusions about the differences, causes, and traits.

Everything in this book is to prevent you from looking back at your relationships and wondering, "What the?"

Thank you for taking the time to read this. May you have a life filled with everything authentic, beautiful and good.

Health, Mind & Body
October 17
P. A. Speers
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Customer Reviews

Alexander Andino ,

Great read

As the author said her self, this is a book in which you have to read with an open mind get worse for you and leave the rest out. That’s exactly what I did, and I did enjoy it!