Ukrainian. Step-by-Step

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This workbook was created, mostly for beginners, to learn the Ukrainian language, either for work or just as a hobby. However, it also has more complex texts that would allow its use for higher-level learning, both in individual or group settings.
In order to quickly assimilate various linguistic and speech related aspects, a tight combination of grammar and conversational courses was created, also in accordance with language material and texts reflecting modern Ukranian dialogue, relying on fragments and exercises to facilitate discussion on various topics, and reach a desired level of fluency in the classroom.
For instance, grammar exercises contain facts about historical or cultural events, everyday situations, and so on. Based on these exercises, the teacher can build a dialogue or polylogue, therefore practicing skills for effective communication. This can be achieved utilizing the question-and-answer structure within the book, so the instructor can initiate a more realistic conversation; as often, in real life, students are more inclined to ask questions instead of just answering them orally.
Due to the fact that Ukranian can be perceived as a foreign and very distant language, students might form a psychological barrier. Therefore, the first section of the textbook uses internationalisms (or loanwords) from other languages to familiarize students with the Ukranian alphabet, as well as some introductory vocabulary so they can be comprehended without needing to look them up in dictionaries.
An example can be the abbreviations, used when introducing grammatical sections (for instance, the names of cases), correspond to the Latin terminology adopted in various languages.
In order to allow some flexibility, many texts within this workbook, specially those at the end, have been divided into two levels of difficulty: one level is simple texts that illustrate the material for the lesson, and a second level has texts of increased complexity, that can be used either for class or for home reading - in case of time restrictions or an uncooperative group. The course is designed for an average of 120 hours, but can be compressed into 80, or extended by adding material for creative tasks.
Though writing is not the main focus in this textbook, according to psychological research, it can serve as an effective memorization technique. On this basis, it is recommendable to perform written exercises, and also write self-composed texts as homework based on the lesson at hand. In addition, students can learn to write messages about themselves, about their family, friends, their countries, etc.
During the course load, students will be introduced to a Ukrainian family, their friend from Sweden, as well as a Lingvian alien and others. Using these characters, students will be able to understand accepted norms of behavior. In addition to animating it with elements of humor and irony, some topics discuss widespread cultural stereotypes in order to provide a fertile ground for discussion, especially if they have travelled or are acquainted with different cultures. Those who study the Ukrainian language today often have such an experience, and they are happy to share them in Ukrainian.
The book was designed for speakers of different European languages, and it is assumed that there is the possibility of an intermediary language. Despite this, there is no preference for one language, and the methodology used during the explanations in class can be decided by the teacher; who, based on the available examples and tables, can use their experience and preferences, and can choose based on what corresponds to the student’s requests, or the tasks of the course.

December 21
Natalya Obraz
Draft2Digital, LLC

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