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Memorize Chords 10x Faster!

With 115 chord shapes to light the way, 'Ukulele Chord Shapes is a complete guide to learning and playing chords in less time and with less memorizing.

In 'Ukulele Chord Shapes You'll Learn:

- 115 chord shapes that will cover 99% of your needs in any genre

- How to move each shape into all 12 keys (115x12=1380!)

- The step-by-step theory behind how chords are built

- All about slash chords, inversions, fingerings, and more

I once wondered about the mysteries of the fretboard and spent much of my time looking up chords. But then I discovered a trick to memorizing them faster and internalizing their inversions - shapes. When this became apparent to me I found I had the tools to work less at remembering chords and that I could figure out new ones on the fly.

I decided to put it all in a book and save people the years of experimenting it took me.

'Ukulele Chord Shapes presents chords in a different light than other books: as shapes. Each shape in the book shows a highlighted root. With the knowledge of where the root is, you can move a single chord shape into all twelve keys.

Here's How It Works:

- Choose a chord shape from the book.

- Locate the note your chord is named after.

- Play the shape and line it up with that note.

- Repeat to find the chord in all other keys!

115 Shapes x 12 Keys = 1380 Chords!

Chord types in 'Ukulele Chord Shapes:


Major 6

Major 6/9

Major 7

Major 7(b5)

Major 7(#5)

Major 9


Minor 6/9

Minor 7

Minor 7(b5)

Minor 7(#5)

Minor (maj7)

Minor 9

Dominant 7th

Dominant 7(b5)

Dominant 7(#5)

Dominant 7(b9)

Dominant 7(#9)

Dominant 9

Dominant 13


Suspended 2

Suspended 4

Suspended 7th

Add 9

Add 11


Diminished 7th


What's included:

- Straightforward content formatted for readability and ease-of-use.

- Big, bold, and user-friendly chord boxes.

- 30 chord types from the mundane to the exotic.

- Descriptions, uses, chord symbols, and chord formulas for each chord type.

- How To Use This Book details every step of using the book.

- How Chords Work is an easy-to-understand chapter on the theory of chords.

Start Discovering The True Nature Of Chords!

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