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This compilation includes 5 Bestsellers about Seduction, Dating, Relationships, Sex and Love, and answers all questions women usually have, namely:
* How to get a boyfriend;
* How to find a husband;
* How to get a real man;
* Where to find handsome men;
* How to get a man's attention;
* How to love a man;
* How to please your man;
* How to keep him interested;
* How to keep a man;
* How to tell if he's cheating;
* Why men cheat;
* How to get him back;
* Why men abandon women.
Throughout these five books, a complete understanding of how to be an Alpha Woman is made possible with an analysis of the following topics:
* How to be an Alpha Female;
* Where to find a man and how do you get him;
* The rules of seduction, from attraction to great sex;
* How to deeply understand the game;
* How to seduce and have sex like a Pornstar;
* The rules of love;
* The truth about compassion, attraction and romance.
Passionate readers had this to say regarding the content here provided:
"All women should read this book! It will give you a deep understanding of the game. I have never read a book like this one, it was insightful and extremely informative. I would recommend to others" (Grayle Tompkins);
"Excellent! We all need this information to keep our relationship strong and interesting" (Brock Kennedy);
"I wanted a relationship, but always ended up in heartbroken. To find love, I followed relationship gurus, traveled and meditated, but nothing worked. Gradually, I figured out that my problem comes from the loss of who I am. I want to be a happy and attractive woman, but I was unconsciously being rude and rough to the opposite sex. This book waked me up and I realized that I was exactly the woman no man wants to be with. After applying the principles described about Alpha Women, I started receiving help from male friends and customers and my life gets easier wherever I go. However, this book is not only about playing tricks to get what you want. It's about taking responsibility for our own happiness. Girls, read this book! Embrace who you are and be an Alpha Woman, not for men or anyone in the world, but for yourself!" (Faith Zimmer, CEO of Solar Creation).

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December 12
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