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All proceeds from the sale of this book goes straight towards people learning how to play guitar. Providing a free resource for people to use to study from home. A huge thank you for considering this purchase. 

This is not just a book for guitar. This is the start of a complete system for learning the guitar. For those seeking to understand and avoid the bad habits most guitarist make and for those who would like to study from home without the expense of private tuition. There are a number of unique aspects about this book but here are just a few

10 Video lessons right within the book (iPad) in a structured and easy to understand format with Rex Pearson - See the key concepts demonstrated in High Definition

Chapter tests at every stage within the book. Test yourself and make sure you understand what you have covered before moving on. A great way to keep motivated!

Interactive illustrations and diagrams. Get to know your guitar with interactive images that guide you through its components 

Free updates to this edition for life!!

Live Twitter feed right in the book!

Live Polls and questions (coming soon)

This is the first in the series of 5 books i will be creating for the complete beginner using my own self study system. 

Chapters include:

1. Course Introduction and over view

2. Guitar Anatomy

3. Sitting and standing positions

4. Correct Fretting hand Positioning

5. How to hold a plectrum

6. Right hand positioning

7. How to tune your guitar

8. Open strings and counting

9. How to read chord diagrams

10. How to read guitar tab

The Guitar 101 has been designed for those completely new to the guitar and interested in owning one of the best self study guides around. Designed from the ground up for interactive engaging lessons and easy to understand video instruction. 

On top of that, it is entirely not for profit with all proceeds going towards more free lessons for everyone.

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March 10
Rex Pearson
Daniel Rex Pearson
Grades 7-17