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The Astonishing Bodybuilding, Diet and Fitness Secrets of the Fittest Bodybuilders in the World Revealed! Learn how to use these simple ABC basics to condition your body for optimum health.

Inside this report you'll discover:

* How to burst with energy through high yield supplements and super foods designed to put your body building routine into overdrive.
* Why what you've been told about diet and exercise could be holding you back and how to immediately do it right!
* Three secrets to the perfect weekly routine - axe the risk of injury while boosting muscle growth daily.
* The perfect time of day to get the most out of your body.
* How your current bodybuilding routine is likely holding you back and putting you at heavy risk - learn how to feel better, get fitter, and overcome those risks.
* Plus lots, lots more...

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August 14
Rachel Edison
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

cisco-rod ,

Book review

I've been training for over twenty years and this book is a good read for beginners because the information is basic and simple. The author doesn't go too deep on information. I lost interest because I felt I wasn't learning anything new. I recommend this book for new fitness starters.

saintkilpatrick ,


Every single page of this book contains grammatical problems, mispelled words and at least one sentence you will not be able to understand. Clearly, not the work of a professional writer.

The book contains very little substantive information about bodybuilding nutrition as the title would have you believe. In fact, the first 58 pages of this 121 page book is devoted to training programs that practitcally gaurantee by most average trainees. If you are just starting your training and are looking for sound advice, please, look elsewhere. If you’re advanced, you’ll learn as much from this book as anyone else who spends a couple of hours searching the internet on the topic. Even more clearly, this book is not the work of someone who really undertsands bodybuilding nutrition or training.

sturob79 ,

Poorly written and edited

In the Glycemic Index food section, it says whole brains are low GI foods.

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