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Publisher Description

There is hardly one of us who doesn't harbor a deep inner turn-ona secret desire that, if catered to, can lead to the most intense erotic experience one could ever hope to imagine. It's simply part of the human condition. What's interesting is we're living in the day and age where achieving the ultimate is becoming a constant preoccupation, and we're being continually bombarded with sounds and images that are very carefully and deliberately designed to feed into this obsession and influence our behavior. For some, this might be disconcerting. For others, totally hilarious. Ultimate Climax was written in response to this phenomenon, and perhaps even serves as a rebellion against it. What is the ultimate climax you ask? Simply put--take one guy with a peculiar proclivity, and one gal who shares his turn-on, and wa la. What do you get? You guessed it.

This is a story of youthof boys and girls coming of age, exploring their sexualityand coming to terms with life's many challenges. Jim Pendergast is a recent college graduate who, while waiting to find work in his chosen field of endeavor, has now chosen to spend his summer working at one of the Midwest's finest resorts. While there, he may have been hoping to fulfill some of his long lost fantasies. But the fantasy he encounters comes in the form of sexy siren Rhonda Pennington, who immediately shows herself to be more than he would ever have bargained for and quickly throws him for the loop of his life. As this cute little coquette plays him again, and again, the crazy escapades that follow force him to reevaluate everything he's become and lead him to come to terms with what it is that can truly make life meaningful. In the process, he may actually discover who he really is and what it is that composes the true ultimate climaxand just maybe, find real love. Enjoy the ride!

Fiction & Literature
May 28