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Do you want to lose up to 30 pounds in 4 short weeks? If so, read on! Pati Patel, the author of the amazingly delicious DASH Diet Complete Cookbook & Diet Program Basics, along with other delightful DASH Diet cookbooks is introducing to you the brand new 2014 The Ultimate Extreme 2014 4-Week Quick Weight Loss Diet Program For Men And Women, a revised edition of The Ultimate Extreme 2014 Quick Weight Loss Diet Program With The Delicious Cooking For One Weight Loss Recipes Cookbook.

Wow! Are you ready for this? A complete dynamic weight loss program that is designed to take off the pounds quickly in four short weeks. This weight loss program is planned in exact detail for you with each and every weight loss food that has ever been tested and tried for quick weight loss. These weight loss foods are absolutely guaranteed to take off the weight! This is a weight loss experience you don’t want to miss! Don’t put off your weight loss program another minute. Start right here and right now with this amazing quick weight loss program designed and presented to you by Pati Patel, the DASH Diet expert author of the DASH Diet Programs and Cookbooks. You can find and explore all of Pati Patel’s DASH Diet Complete Programs and Cookbooks, as they are listed in the beginning of all Pati’s exciting DASH Diet books and Weight Loss books or search online for them.

What’s new is this 2014 edition?

New! A new revised diet plan for both men and women with easy links to the foods sections and recipes.

New! A special delicious snack section for each meal with easy links to the tasty snacks section.

New! A maintenance plan for a life of healthy living and weight loss.

New! The addition of ice cream twice daily has been added to the daily menu planning.

New! Pati Patel’s Awesome study on the incredible edible herbs for culinary delights, weight loss, cleansing, sleep and rest, beauty, love potions and charms, and herbs for your overall health have been added to this new edition. You won’t want to miss this study on these beautiful herbs. The herbs have easy links in the table of contents for your convenience.

Herbs are simply amazing! They have existed since ancient times of old, and were used in the healing arts way before doctors started writing prescriptions. A lot of our modern day medicines are made up of herbs. In this book you can explore the wonderful world of the exotic ancient herbs of love and passion that are easily available for us today and bring them into your life for joy and love. While you are losing weight, you can enjoy the intense aroma “pleasant to the senses” herbs for a feeling of well-being such as lavender, jasmine, mandrake, and more. You will discover the culinary herbs and learn how to use them in your weight loss recipes so that each bite can be a little bit of Heaven. Are you having trouble sleeping? Check out the herb recipe for sleep in the herb sections of this book, and after you give them a try, you could be sleeping like a baby. Using the herbs from the herb chapter for weight loss and cleansing will soon have the fat moving right on out of your body. Be sure to check out the sections on these amazing herbs and see exactly what they are used for, and how they can enrich your life today.

The sum of this book is to give you exact instructions on just how to lose weight quickly and safely and how to add the delightful herbs into your weight loss program. This updated version contains the complete weight loss program for both men and women.

You can do it! You can lose the weight you need to lose. Give it all you got! It’s fun to get your body back into a slim, strong, and simply beautiful shape. Go for it right now, right here! Don’t put it off for one more minute! Time is precious and so is your body.

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May 4
Pati Patel
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