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Did you JUST BUY or are you ABOUT TO BUY an RV? 

If so then this book is for you! 

"The Ultimate Companion RV Users Manual - 5th Wheel Edition" is designed to give you a GREAT whole-trailer overview of an RV. 

This book expects you to be a newbie. It doesn't use language that is too technical, full of jargon, or condescending. It is meant to help you say "Whew! Now I get what this thing is about." 

If you are thinking about buying an RV, by going through this book you are making sure that when you take you first trip to a dealer you won't have to spend time learning the basics. No, instead, you'll be a fully armed and ready RV buyer who can make specific, pointed requests and knows what they want. 

If you have just bought an RV, trying to make sense of all the babble that is on the internet and everywhere else is overwhelming. By having this book along with your RV users manuals (there will be more than one) you'll be able to understand everything in context. You'll actually SEE the items referenced in users manuals. You'll hear some of the backstory and gossip about each components in an RV and learn some excellent follow on resources that help you put each component into perspective. 

One neat thing is that there are tons and tons of photographs in this book. 

So sit back, enjoy, and for about the cost of a couple of lattes get the info from this book that could save you 1000's of dollars or at least put you at ease by letting your amazing house on wheels seem less mysterious! When was the last time a couple lattes did that for you!

Travel & Adventure
February 23
Marlan Winter

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