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This book could save your life! Veteran storm chaser Martin Lisius utilizes his 40 years of experience studying storms to teach you how to protect yourself, and your family, from tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, flash floods, blizzards and other weather hazards. The author provides you with expert insight for unique perspectives on these risks. It is multimedia-rich with dramatic photographs and video captured by Lisius while tracking extreme weather. Read this book, and survive the storm! 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Martin Lisius is a veteran storm chaser, producer, director and cinematographer. Known as the “Storm Whisperer,” because of his intimate knowledge of severe weather, Lisius has produced several documentaries about storms, including "The Chasers of Tornado Alley" for public television. He produced "StormWatch" for the National Weather Service who uses it to train storm spotters nationwide, and founded the Texas Severe Storms Association - TESSA (tessa.org), a non-profit organization dedicated to severe weather education. In 1993, he established StormStock (stormstock.com), a collection of premium and rare storm footage and stills, and now one of the oldest stock image brands in the world. You can see storms shot by Lisius on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, and in TV commercials and theatrical features including "Son of God," "Into the Storm," and "Lucy" (all 2014 releases). In 2000, he founded Tempest Tours Storm Chasing Expeditions (tempesttours.com) to reveal and teach the wonders of storms to guests from around the world. And in 2014, Lisius established the SAFE-D Tornado Project to develop a safer way to study tornadoes in the field.

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August 13
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Customer Reviews

StormEffects ,

A must read BEFORE severe weather strikes!

For anyone with even the slightest interest in the weather (and that covers just about all of us), the visual aspects of this book alone are well worth the price of admission! Many beautiful images along with video clips of tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, supercell thunderstorms, and much, much more are featured throughout the book! But the real purpose of this guide book is to keep you and your family safe from severe weather events. Valuable tips are given on how to be prepared before severe weather strikes, as well as what to do if you are caught in a severe weather situation. Would you know what to do if you and your family were attending a sporting event inside a large stadium when a tornado suddenly threatens, or what NOT to do if you are driving down the highway in the family car when a tornado rapidly approaches your position!? Find the answers to these questions and many others that you may one day ask when Mother Nature unleashes her worst. These easy to follow (and remember) tips may one day keep you safe, and more importantly may even save your life, and/or the life of the ones you love!

Marto L ,

Timely advice for Hurricane season

The book is visually amazing. Real life advice that anyone can apply. I appreciate a book that is short and to the point. This book inspires me to be more pro-active in my preparations. I wish all our public schools had a copy and used it for training.

Texie94 ,

Ultimate Severe Weather Guide Indeed!

It's a fact: regardless of where you live or travel in North America, you WILL encounter severe weather at some point. Whether in the form of tornados, hurricanes, hail, blizzards, ice, flash flooding, fog, or lightning, all severe whether poses a very real threat to the safety of individuals. This book is the ultimate resource for equipping individuals to safely navigate all types of severe weather. It's written in a smart, concise format that makes it perfect for a quick reference to prepare yourself or your loved ones for any weather event. But, it's powerful, interactive visual content will keep you engaged throughout the book. Definitely a must-read!