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Imagine all your secrets and bad choices exposed for all to read.  Would you be worried about being judged or permanently labeled by a mistake you made?

I have revealed the darkest days of my life combining real journals, raw memories, and edgy fictionalized threads that tie it all together.  Read with an understanding that this creative piece is unlike anything you may have read due to the simple fact that there has been no editing by anyone other than myself.  I chose to expose my written thoughts in a poetically subtle manner and allowing the book's own evolution dictate how fast or slow this decade passes.  The message of this book is the power of love and continued strength to move forward, little by little if necessary.

If you had to tell the truth, nothing but the dirty truth, would you do it?

Health, Mind & Body
May 4
Sandy Galiano
Sandy Galiano

Customer Reviews

Hadley Gustin ,

If You're Looking for Compelling, You're in the Right Spot

Recently, I had the privilege of reading Sandy Galiano's Umbrellas in the Rain. I call it a privilege because this book is essentially Sandy's diary from ages 18 to 28. Once I started reading her story, I literally could not put the book down. Her honesty in exposing the darkest and most meaningful parts of herself left me with an overwhelming sense of astonishment throughout. While it is the consistent unfolding drama that makes Umbrellas in the Rain a page-turner, the message of self-awareness that is so evident on every page inspires a greater call to action from the readers of this book. In short, if we're going to live happy, healthy and free, we've got to be conscious of our internal selves first and foremost. Sandy Galiano's ability to put herself completely out there in this autobiography of sorts is miraculous, and I only hope that every person who reads Umbrellas in the Rain finds it within themselves to somehow do the same!

CristinaToledo ,

Couldn't put it down

Great book Sandy. I couldn't put it down. I loved the passion you put into to it. As I read I could picture my self in your story. I love books that can make you feel what the author is writing, and your book did just that. I cried, I laughed, I felt happy, and angry at times. It made me feel passion and love. Can't wait to read your next book when it comes out!

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