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Kara is a rare Blood Kindred female...unfortunately for her, she has the fangs to prove it. To Kara's dismay, it's hard to find a warrior who wants to get bitten when things get hot and heavy. She's tried dating humans too, but that doesn't work out either. So when she meets Raakshas, a Kindred warrior with dark, silver-ringed eyes who actually likes her fangs, it seems like her troubles are over.

But there's a problem...Raak is half Y’lyn--a kind of demon without a soul. And without a soul, there's no hope of forming the permanent soul-bond that all Kindred have with their mates. Without the possibility of forming a bond, how can Kara give her heart to the big Warrior? And what will happen when she goes on an adventure to try a shrink her fangs and winds up naked in the Unseen Palace?

You'll have to read Unbondable, the first book in the new Kindred Birthright series to find out.

*Author's Note: This is book 1 of the new Kindred Birthright series which follows the children of the first generation of Kindred. Unbondable is Kara's story--the daughter of Sylvan and Sophia. I know this book has been a long time in coming but I hope you enjoy it now that it's here.*

April 25
Evangeline Anderson
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Customer Reviews

geminidarkdragon1476 ,

Love this story line!

I loved this book! I can’t wait for more in this new series! Even though Evangeline didn’t have as much time to write, I don’t believe that the story suffered from the shortage. Keep up the good work! I just wish that I could find a Kindred of my own, I wouldn’t mind hooking up with a Drake! ;)

Diva1gina ,

Buy it - a fun read

Love reading about Kara, all grown up and ready to live her own life. It was too short, but very satisfying nonetheless. Nice not to have a hero or heroine who has been abused and tortured for a change. They are a wonderful couple!

Such a fun surprise for Yipper, too! I’m eager to read about the rest of the children.

Cyber tam ,

Another Hit

The story is exciting and fun to read! Wonderful and warm characters. Excited to read more of the next generation of Kindred.

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