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Are they the hunters…or hell’s hunted?

With the troubling aftermath of Project Demon Hunters’ first investigation still heavy on his mind, Michael Covenant awaits Audrey Barrett’s arrival in Tucson to film the second episode. 

Except she never shows up.

Michael's sense of foreboding is confirmed when his psychic gift pinpoints the exact spot outside the airport terminal where her panic and terror have left an indelible impression. Someone has taken her against her will, and it’s anyone’s guess where she is now.

Audrey can’t believe her eyes. Her kidnapper is a demon wearing a dead man’s face — a demon furious that she and Michael closed the portal he’d been using as a direct connection to hell…a demon who’ll stop at nothing to take his revenge.

Like a homing beacon, Audrey’s very soul reaches out for the man who broke her trust but still holds her heart — Michael, who fears that even if he reaches her in time, their fight with this particular demon has only just begun….

February 12
Dark Valentine Press
Joy Sillesen

Customer Reviews

IAGram ,

Another great one!

Unbound Spirits by Christine Pope is just as good as book one in her Project Demon Hunters Series!
All of the main characters are back including a very creepy Jeffrey Whitcomb who is supposed to be dead! Okay, so it’s not really Jeffrey. It’s a demon, as if that is supposed to be any better. Ghosts, ghosts aren’t bad. Yes, they can hurt you, but they can’t create illusions, kidnap you, drive cars, or teleport food from restaurants miles away.
Michael Covenant was expecting Audrey Barrett to show up from the airport with Susan, but she didn’t. Michael doesn’t know she’s been kidnapped, but he is still concerned. When he goes to the airport himself and finds a cold spot, he enlists Rosemary’s help to find Audrey.
How’s that for starting the book with a riveting situation?
I could not put this down! I’d stop reading for a few minutes to do something else and went back to reading before I got anything else done!
So much happened in this book, there is no way to give you a short synopsis of everything that happened. Just remeber, “If you kill the body, you kill the demon.”
Can hardly wait for the next book! Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

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