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I have experienced the true darkness of the world. When I was young, my parents loaned me to a group of brutal men. I acted as their slave in the supposedly free north. Upon my return to them, broken and terrified, I continued my miserable existence. A mere three years passed until the violent men returned. However, this time, they were not here for me. But rather for my parents. They brutally stabbed my father repeatedly until he bled to death before my eyes. They cut down my brave mother trying to save her husband. They kicked me away from them as I tried my hand at saving them. For a reason I would not know for many years, those men unfortunately spared my life. I was terrified. My parents were terrible, but how could I survive without them? I soon discovered that I survived better on my own. I became a beggar of sorts and later secured a job working at a factory. As I worked myself to the bone day by day, I did not make close to enough to be considered a wage. Sadly, my story does not end there. I later found an advertisement in the newspaper, and the cash prize was one I simply could not refuse. I signed my life over to a crazed scientist and his timid nurse. Their experiments changed me. Physically changed me. And those monstrous powers combined my extreme hatred and anger I felt about those who inhabited this twisted place gave me the power to take the revenge I so deeply craved.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 13
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Christian Faith Publishing