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The purpose of this book is to give Christ- centered believers an objective look at how a community of believers has the ability to not just survive in the rough-and-tumble times that a post-financial-collapse world will inevitably lapse into, but actually thrive. Christ-centered leadership is the key. Honoring God the Father and His Son Yeshua in all aspects is something that the author strove to hear God’s leading on, from start to finish. Over the last twenty years, many books, articles, and movies have been written and filmed about the postapocalyptic world, both fiction and nonfiction how-to, centering on what to do and how to do it. Most, if not nearly all, have focused on a few major topics, with perhaps another one or two side issues. In this book, the author has endeavored to cover as many facets as possible that will come into play as given to him by God’s Spirit. Financial collapse, firearms, self-defense, breakdown of law and order, cannibalism, barter, invasion by the UN, the setting up of a retreat, basic survival skills, and medical care by amateurs have all been covered in other works, and usually quite well. But, as they say on TV, wait, there’s more...much, much more. Also woven into this work are torture, suicide, homosexuality and the subsequent deliverance from it, along with the very real probability of Islamic terrorism. Then we get to, for the most part, the forgotten wild cards: a command structure for the leadership, unparalleled cataclysmic geological upheaval, pandemic outbreak, the setting up of a city of refuge for God’s people, and without question, the most neglected yet, far and away, most important deciding factor in all this: the last days’ move of God. Mix all these factors together, and there we will find ourselves in uncharted waters.

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January 24
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