Uncovering the Logic of English

A Common-Sense Solution to America's Literacy Crisis

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Uncovering the Logic of English: A Common-Sense 

Solution to America’s Literacy Crisis by Denise Eide reverses the widely held belief that 
English is illogical, inconsistent, and riddled with exceptions. For the past 70 years the 
predominant reading methods have asked students to break the complex code of English alone. 
This has resulted in low literacy rates and it explains why many highly educated professionals 
cannot spell. 

“But what if the problem is not the language itself, but the rules we were taught? What if we 

could see the complexity of English as a powerful tool rather than a hinderance?” 

Uncovering the Logic of English clearly explains rules which unlock 98 percent of words and 
demonstrates how this knowledge revolutionizes reading, spelling, and vocabulary development. 
These principles eliminate the need to guess and provide teachers, parents, and all English 
speakers with answers to their questions about English spelling. 
By stepping through the rules and examples, readers discover!that the complexity of English can 
be conquered by learning its system. Simple answers are given for questions such as: “Why is 

there a silent final E in have? Why don’t we drop the E in noticeable? Why is discussion spelled 

with -sion rather than -tion?” As the rules unfold it becomes apparent how this knowledge is vital 
to reversing the educational crisis that is plaguing America. 

Uncovering the Logic of English recasts the English language as a powerful tool with a hidden 
logic. The book reveals that learning the way English words are constructed leads to greater 
comprehension and unleashes creativity. 
This slim volume is written in an easy to read style that is accessible to parents and classroom 
teachers. At the same time it provides even professional writers and editors with a fresh insight 
into English. A thorough appendix summarizes the most important concepts for quick access to 
answer daily spelling questions, children’s questions about reading and more. 
This book is published by Pedia Learning Inc. whose mission is to spark a nationwide grassroots 
movement to change how reading is taught in order to ensure success for all students. 

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