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Betrayed by her people, does she dare trust a dragon?

The alien dragon shifters who discover Earth come in peace—at first. Then, inexplicably, they threaten to attack. In an attempt to show goodwill and appease the dragons, Earth sends a human woman to become a concubine to one of the Draconian king's sons, Prince K'ev.

K'ev would sooner give up his ability to breathe fire than accept a human, but when he meets Rhianna, sparks fly, and his dragon realizes she's his mate.

Rhianna falls for the hot-blooded prince, unaware she's a key link in a desperate scheme to defeat the dragons, a strike that could backfire with devastating consequences. Will she figure out what Earth has planned in time to save her dragon mate? And if she does, will K'ev be able to save her planet from an angry king's retaliation?

May 21
Cara Bristol
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jannie3381 ,

An exciting volatile new world!

An exciting, volatile new world!
I am thrilled with the story of Rhianna and Prince K’ev. Can she trust him when his King is threatening to take reprisals against earth? As for K’ev, he knows when she is lying about something, but he and his dragon are drawn to her. What a tangled situation! How to unravel this without damage to loved ones? There is so much danger for them. I love Rhianna’s spirit, her love of her family, her bravery in frightening situations, and, of course, her passion for her new-found mate. For a big, rough dragon, K’ev can be quite romantic: “One day less than an eternity wouldn’t be enough time with you.”
Great reading! A very dramatic start to a new series. I can hardly wait for what comes next.

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