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A supernatural gothic mystery, rich with romance and suspense. Read both volumes of the Byrne House duology in this special edition "box set." Includes Book 1: Under Glass and Stone, and Book 2: Doors of Gold and Rust.

Two disappearances, over a century apart...The truth waits inside Byrne House.

For five generations, Evelyn's family has lived in the same small brick house, shadowed by the mansion across the street. Her Nana filled her childhood with stories about Byrne House: tales of missing children, of lovers gone mad. The mansion loomed every night in her dreams. Even now, at seventeen, Evelyn watches the sprawling Victorian from her second-floor bedroom, unable to explain her obsession with a house she's never been inside.

Then one of the boys in her senior class disappears. Evelyn is the last person to see him--just a pale face in Byrne House's tower window.

The police don't believe her. Even her friends think she just imagined the face in the window. Only Alex--a handsome newcomer with his own ties to Byrne House--shares her suspicions. Alex believes that this latest disappearance is tied to the mansion's long-buried past. But there's more that Alex isn't telling her. Evelyn has no idea how far she'll have to go to find the answers. Or what she'll have to remember.

"Under Glass And Stone is an expertly-woven gothic romance with a mystery that kept me turning pages." Cheyanne Young, author of The Last Wish Of Sasha Cade

Perfect for teen and adult fans of supernatural thrillers, with a historical mystery that'll keep you guessing. This special edition ebook bundle includes both volumes of the Byrne House gothic mystery duology.

Young Adult
August 4
Observatory Books
Anjuli McReynolds

Customer Reviews

Carrie Esposito ,

Fast-paced paranormal adventure

Under Glass And Stone is the intriguing story of the mysterious happenings surrounding a large mansion called Byrne House. Evelyn, the protagonist, is a curious young woman with strong feelings and a memory of a past she cannot put aside. The memories which plague her turn out to be the key to finding out what troubled those who lived and died in Byrne House many years ago, but also to what has been happening in her previously peaceful Castle Heights neighborhood. As Evelyn seeks out answers, she falls for the boy with a scar who suddenly shows up to town, a romance that is both star-crossed and destined. Combining elements from mystery, paranormal, romance, and contemporary young adult fiction, this novel would appeal to readers who love an intelligently told and well-paced story.

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