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The complete, USA Today bestselling Under His Command series!

*Warning: Dominant alpha hero Blake Roberts will own your nights and forever ruin you for lesser men*

Blake Roberts has everything he’s ever wanted—fame, money, and ownership of the hottest chain of tattoo parlors in the country. But he’s haunted by his first love, his former foster sister, Erin. The matching tattoo they share is a constant reminder of who he was before he learned how to control his emotions, his desire, and a woman’s pleasure. 

He needs to purge her from his heart, and he’ll do whatever it takes to be free.

For Erin, what started as a charade has become all too real. She’s never experienced anything like the savage bliss she’s discovered in Blake’s arms. He tests her, dominates her, and if she isn’t careful, soon he’ll own her—body and soul.

Blake has what he thought he wanted—Erin’s submission. But with her submission comes a deeper responsibility. Erin’s in trouble and an innocent life hangs in the balance. Blake knows he can help her break free of the past, but he doesn’t know if a man like himself belongs in her future.

How can he swear to protect her from danger when he has a dark side of his own?

Praise for the Under His Command Series:

“Everly Stone writes white-hot, grab-your-lover, take-me now sex, and a story that demands the pages be turned." - NYT Bestselling author Lauren Blakely


"I am willing to submit to Blake anytime…hot, hot, hot!" -NYT Bestselling author Sawyer Bennett


September 8
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Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

LisaHines711 ,

Review: Under His Command Trilogy: The Complete Series

Controlling Her Pleasure by Lili Valente is the first book in her debut series Under His Command. This is a second chance romance between a famous and talented tattoo artist (Blake Roberts) who just happens to be a hot as hell alpha dominant male of the kinkiest variety (YUMM!) and and the now married lingerie model (Erin Perry) who broke his heart eight years ago!

Before Erin left him without warning, Blake tattooed her with an angel. An exact match to his angel tattoo and vowed that they were going to be forever joined. SO when she disappears from his life the next day, his eighteenth birthday, he is at a loss as to why.

In the eight years that pass she has made a name for herself modeling lingerie and cashing in on the matching tattoo and he has a reality show based on his tattoo success. Blake just can't get past the thought that they're still connected and he's bitter enough now he wants that connection broken. Blake has a plan - a crazy plan of the stalker/kidnapping variety - but it's a plan.

What happens when you kidnap the woman you still crave in order to permanently alter her tattoo that connects her soul to yours? Well, I'm not going to tell you - you'll have to read it for yourself but it's good and the sex is off-the-charts hot.

For a debut novel AND a serial to boot, the pacing is spot on and the story flows fantastically. Now on to book 2...


Commanding Her Trust by Lili Valente is the second book in her debut series Under His Command.

**WARNING** This review may contain spoilers for previous books in the series! You have been warned!

So we pick up where the cliffhanger from the last book left off...
Erin and Blake had just shared a very passionate Dom/Sub moment in the SUV on the way to the cabin in the mountains and something Blake did irked Erin beyond belief so she tries to get away, half-naked in the freezing cold mountains. Not so smart but she is so mad at him. He is just blown away by how deeply they are connected and how after eight years apart they both have entered the D/s world and fit so well together.

He has given her till Sunday to decide on the tattoo alteration - he is still bound and determined to make changes to hers and sever that ethereal connection he feels with her. As the hours roll by they begin to bond again and their feelings awaken from where they've been buried over the years. Some truths come out and things start to feel good between them until an overheard conversation causes the betrayal to flare up again. Dun-dun-dun!!!! The story continues in book three, Claiming Her Heart.


Claiming Her Heart by Lili Valente is the third and final book in her debut series Under His Command.

**WARNING** This review may contain spoilers for previous books in the series! You have been warned!

So we pick up where the cliffhanger from the last book left off...
Blake has had enough - he wants that tattoo changed and he'll do with or without Erin's consent. Man what an opener to this conclusion to the series. His dominance is turning her on but also ticking her off. She will never submit to him again. When he has her tied down and the tattoo needle ready to go things change and drastically...

This series was a fantastic ride - the horrible past that was Erin's marriage is a nightmare that no one deserves. Blake's alpha control AND protectiveness is endearing - even when he maddeningly takes it too far. Once again - this whole serial has been well-paced

Crickalina ,

Love this Hot Sexy Triology

Love this Triology

Controlling her Pleasure
This is HOT. from the very start, the prologue has you hooked. Lili did a great job of bringing a dominate to life and taking control of his sub. This teaser story promises more great things to come with Erin and Blake.

Blake always took care of Erin when they were kids, then she left. Now he wants “Angel” to have her matching tattoo altered so he can forget her for good. In the process of kidnapping her, he learns just how much they have in common and how much they have grown as adults. With a cliff hanger ending, we are left ready to read more about what is going to happen in this new Dom/Sub relationship!

Commanding her Trust

Another holding on to the seat of your pants addition to a hot series. Ms. Valente had done an excellent job of writing a book I could not put down.

We start right where we left off, Blake catching Erin before she gets away. Off to the cabin to change that tattoo or not? Love is rekindled until a big secret comes out. Will they resolve it? Will they part? I can't wait for the conclusion!

Claiming Her Heart
how to write this review with out spoiling the end or the end of the other books, I will try my best but apologize if I can't .

Love all three books! Blake is such a strong Dom that remains that way through the 3 stories. I love that, I get tired of books that turn the Dom some what candy a#$ towards the end.
Erin is a natural submissive with loads of baggage, she needs a strong Dom to help her straighten things out.
the series is full of power plays, secrets and passion. lots of hot steamy BDSM passion
a great read and great introduction to a new author. Awaiting more from Lili!

Singing Secretary ,

5++ hot and sizzling stars!!

Book 1 - Controlling her Pleasure is an immensely hot erotic short from Lili Valente’s fantastic new series Under his Command. And when I say hot, I mean positively scorching! Ms. Valente will capture your attention very quickly in just a few pages as she introduces you to Blake and Erin and will definitely remain in possession of it until the turn of the final page.

Blake is a very talented tattoo artist and thanks to a reality show has managed to attain great success with a national chain of tattoo parlors. But despite his business success, relationships have always been a different story ever since he had his heart shattered by the one woman who had ever been able to capture it. Erin has always been hurt by men. So when Blake, the only man she ever really loved, suddenly comes back into her life radiating an aura of dominance and need for control which mesmerizes her, Erin struggles with her deep desire to give in to him. But will her fears of knowing the true reason why Blake has returned give her the strength to remain in control or will Erin lose herself to the connection and passion which reignites between them and inflames her inner desires?

Simply using one word to describe Controlling her Pleasure: WOW! This is an amazingly hot and passionate short story which gives us just a taste of Lili Valente's new series and definitely leaves us wanting more. The intense connection between these two characters is electrifying and sizzling which will leave the reader in certain need of a tall glass of ice water by the time they reach the end. Controlling her Pleasure will "control" you (as it did me) page after page leaving you with great anticipation for what lies ahead for Blake and Erin.

Book 2 - Commanding Her Trust is book 2 in Lili Valente’s new Under His Command series, the continuation of her amazing telling of the love story between Blake and Erin. Book 2 picks up right where we left off with Erin trying to make her escape from Blake leaving us wondering if he would be able to stop her. Well, indeed Erin’s efforts are thwarted and as they both begin to communicate with one another, it becomes apparent that the connection between their souls remains despite their inner attempts to hide how they truly feel.

As Blake’s love for Erin floods back to the surface, he begins to image a possibility of reclaiming “his woman” and beginning a new life together. The compatibility that they share, both inside of the bedroom, as well as out, continues to escalate. As Erin senses Blake’s feelings, her initial thought is to play along with him only long enough to make her escape. But as the hours pass the strength of their new bond to one another intensifies and Erin begins to hope for more as well. Although she continues with her inner struggle of whether she can take the chance of putting trust into another man, Erin starts to believe that Blake is different. But when the trust she has entrusted to Blake is shaken, will Erin choose to stay or will she run from the only man who has ever truly made her feel safe?

OMG! Lili Valente’s has done it to me again, completely captivating me and capturing my undivided attention page after page only to leave me hanging. Lili has guided me into Blake and Erin’s world keeping me completely riveted and immersed. The hot, steamy and electrifying connection between this dominating alpha male and his submissive is imbedded with such an amazing passion. The rekindling of the deep emotion shared between these two characters is absolutely entrancing making them both believe in the possibility of second chances.

Book 3 - Claiming Her Heart is the fantastic conclusion to Lili Valente’s amazing Under His Command series. After reading the first two novels and experiencing the hot eroticism shared between Blake and Erin, the thought crossed my mind of whether Ms. Valente would ever be able to surpass them. But as I flipped the final page I am left with such a feeling of contentment it’s almost hard to describe. Don’t get me wrong, the hot erotic scenes shared between these two characters was absolutely amazing at times leaving my heart pumping as fast as I am sure theirs were. But the incredible connection between Blake and Erin was, well, incredible going far beyond the dom/sub relationship they shared in the bedroom!!

Claiming Her Heart basically picks up where the author left us albeit now back at Blake’s cabin where he is experiencing feelings of anger at the betrayal of Erin running away from him, again. But when Erin begins to display the intensity of emotion and upset she is feeling over everything that has happened in her life, Blake’s anger starts to wane and their love for each other once again boils over as they lay entwined together. When Erin begins to finally open up about her failed marriage and concern for her daughter, Blake starts to convince himself that because of the decisions he has made, he is no good for her either. But despite the roadblocks that seem to arise, both Blake and Erin’s hearts have always remained connected. As they work together to formulate a plan to get her daughter back, the questions continue to linger of whether Erin will ever again hold her baby in her arms, and will Blake be able to let go of his self-doubt and admit that their lives and hearts will always remain entangled?

This is one of the more difficult reviews I have written. I enjoyed this series so much and writing each of my reviews was a struggle because of the overwhelming need I felt to express how exceptional I feel the Under His Command books to be without divulging anything that would spoil the discovery of the story by those reading it for the first time. Blake and Erin were such extraordinary characters who each grew up in lives of disharmony and strife but had always found comfort in each other. Now as their paths cross again eight years later, the love and connection their souls

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