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As a warrior and prized soldier for the Royal Hawks, Gardelle is known to be fierce and loyal. This immortal bird-shifter gave up the life of a bachelor to raise his niece and now that she's mated to the future king of the falcons, he's been able to focus on his commitments to his people and the men who serve under him. He doesn't have time for dating--besides, that is something humans do. Not bird-shifters. And he spent enough time living among humans to know he doesn't want to return to it. Yet, the pull to one human, in particular, is too much for him to resist. When he learns she's been marked by his sworn enemies, he'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe and under his wing.

September 30
Raven Happy Hour LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

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R. Manor ,

Under His Wing

Under His Wing (King of Prey Book 7)

A welcome addition to the King of Prey Series.by Mandy Roth.
This story brings us to both dimensions, the human one and the bird Shifter world. The bird shifters are comprised of many groups; eagles, hawks, falcons and their enemy the vultures.
The Vultures plan to force breed abducted human women and use fertility methods on them.
Gardelle , a high officer of the hawk shifters, leaves for earth to raise his niece Sabrina. Once Sabrina is mated to the King of the Falcons he returns to his position in the bird realm. For years Gardelle had a pull towards Sabrina’s wild and reckless best friend Lisa.
Upon learning Lisa is in danger, and with the vultures breaking through the portal to earth, Gardelle must neutralize the threat from the vultures and save Lisa (who turns out to be his mate).
This book is exciting,action packed, fun, hot sexy scenes. Though on the short side it doesn’t lack in story or detail. I do believe an epilogue would have be a good addition and a glossary of the characters in the beginning as well.
It is highly recommended to read the series in order since many of the characters and their back stories appear and are part as well.

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