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A damaged cyborg warrior is hunted by a peace-loving human female.
Strain is severely malfunctioning. The D Model cyborg was the sole survivor after a horrific decision was made by his cruel manufacturers. He hates all humans, and when he attacks one who is under his cyborg leader’s protection, he is reprimanded, stripped of his weapons, and told to watch and not actively participate in the next mission.

That mission takes place on a small remote planet. Its lush terrain should only be inhabited by the cyborgs they were sent to rescue, but Strain senses another presence on the surface. She is watching him, tracking him, hunting him.

A fully operational cyborg would end her lifespan.

Strain wants to claim her. Forever.

Kamyelle is the only one left of her kind. Warriors have killed the other nonviolent human inhabitants of her planet. She survived…barely…by hiding in the trees, observing her enemies, and covering herself with lifeform scan-concealing mud.

When a handsome, gray-skinned, brilliant-blue-eyed male arrives, surrounded by weapon-carrying warriors, she has to save him. Warriors harm and they kill. That is what they do.

She won’t allow them to hurt Strain.
Under Strain is a STANDALONE Cyborg SciFi Romance set in a dark, gritty, sometimes-violent universe.
It features a broken warrior, a human female who thinks he’s perfect, and velociraptor-like dinosaurs who view them both as light, tasty snacks.

Under Strain is the second of five core stories in the Rebel Cyborgs Series.
Book 1: Containing Malice
Book 2: Under Strain
Book 3: Baring Grudge
Book 4: B Free
Book 5: Seizing Power

May 11
Cynthia Sax
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Jannie3381 ,

I love it!

“Strain” seems an accurate name for a male whose past haunts him so much that he becomes lost in that time. I admire his determination to control that aspect, to become useful rather than a hazard. Kamyelle has turned disappearing into an art form. She is incredible! I love her inner strength, her compassion, her ability to notice and accurately read the nuances of others’ expressions. Together, she and Strain are able to calm each others’ damaged parts. Ms.Sax brings the romance between our two wounded beings to a most wonderful fruition. This is a compelling story, giving enough hints that I began to speculate about the outcome of the Rebel Cyborgs series. Awaiting more with gleeful anticipation!

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